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I am new to being a vegetarian (about 4 weeks) I live in a family of meat eaters and am having a hard time maintaining the diet. I started changing my eating habits due to the information I received from the movie Forks Over Knives and in the book The China Study. Now I feel weak and have no energy. I need help with knowing what to eat and how much to eat. If anyone has anything that will help I am all ears. Thank you in advance.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/08/13 07:42:56

    For many it takes their body a while to adjust to the change.

    Plus there's a lot more to a healthy diet than just being vegan. A diet of soda pop and potato chips might be vegan...

    Go to any of the thousands of vegan websites and you'll find books, essays, etc. that will help you adopt a healthy vegan diet.

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    Posted by VictoriaLT at 11/24/13 12:09:23

    Hello there! I am obviously not a nutritionist but I can share my personal experience. I didn't feel weak or with no energy when I switched to vegetarianism but I still made some changes in my diet.

    1. Do you still eat fish? You haven't mentioned what type of vegetarian you are. When I became vegetarian, I use to eat fish. I cut out meat only. I use to have fish 1-2 times a week. If you don't eat fish as well as meat, I would say look for vegetarian meet substitutes in supermarkets or healthy food stores. They can make a great replacement for meat and fish, and they will fill you up too. :] (Spicy bean burgers are my favourits. ^^ )

    2. I didn't limit my intake of vegetables when I turned to vegetarian. Ways of eating vegetables are unlimited! You can find numerous salad recipes very easily. On the other hand, I never searched for salad recipes. I create my own combinations. I always mix whatever vegetables I have, add some spices and it always tastes good. :)

    3. Try foods you didn't eat before. For example, I didn't use to eat peanut butter or cous cous. I absolutely love them now!

    3. Fruits became my 'fast food' since I became vegetarian. No preparation needed, easy to eat on the go, super delicious and super healthy. Natural nuts - not salted - can be a good snack too!

    4. Staying from too much processed foods helped me A LOT! For example, I went from eating corn flakes, barn flakes or any other kids cereal to natural muesli or granola; from white bread to rye bread or any other bread which is made from truly whole grains and usually is very dark, almost black (like this: ). All these foods keep me full for longer.

    5. I also stopped eating flavoured yogurts because they use to make me crave for sugary foods afterwards while plain yogurt didn't. Of course, it might be no difference to you what type of yogurt to eat but for me it definitely did.

    I hope it helped. My transition to vegetarianism was very easy but if you find it a little bit more challenging, keep searching different vegetarian forums and discussing with other vegetarians. I am sure they will be more than happy to share their experience and meal ideas.

    Congratz on your choice! You made it right!
    Keep smiling, and best wishes! :)

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    Posted by Alphonesrani at 11/25/13 01:49:33

    Some vegetable salad and fresh juices everyday 2 or 3 times.

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    Posted by veganmafia at 12/17/13 16:13:11

    If your new to going vegetarian take a gradual journey. When your living in a meat eating household and are struggling to stay on board, keep it simple. When I first started I did a few key things.( try going lacto or lacto-ovo first)

    1. Eat all the sides ( if your family has meatloaf, mashed potatoes and greenbeans, eat the mashed potatoes and green beans)

    Even during the holidays just eat the sides and offer to help make the food with out meat in the side dishes* eat till your not hungry anymore.

    2. slowly check out a recipe or too of what sounds good ( is simple recipes for free)

    3. try faux meats : tofurky, tofu, seitan, daiya cheese, Tofutti cheese, tofurky deli meat, gimmielean sausage, larabars.

    4. drink lots of water

    5. see that a lot of food and snacks are veggie friendly
    -peanut butter
    -mac n cheese
    -potatoes etc
    - bean burritos
    -cheese or veggie pizza

    6. Once you have the rhythm down for a couple months , maybe even a year then try seeing if you want to stay at veg or look at other options.

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    Posted by veganmafia at 12/17/13 16:20:29

    Other food ideas------
    Peanut butter and jelly
    grilled cheese
    tomato and vegetable soup
    nachos with beans no meat
    French fries
    veggie bakes=( tofurky ground beef, bell peppers, black beans, diced tomatos, garlic, taco seasoning- bake at 325F for 30 min and serve)

    Veggie sandwich hold the meat
    stuffed potatoes
    frozen fruit pops
    almond milk
    pasta primavera

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    Posted by Craig N at 12/27/13 19:11:30

    My family and I also changed (overnight) to eating whole food plant based after watching the movie Forks over Knives. The movie answered questions that I had for over twenty years. Medical school could not answer these questions. Since the movie, I also have read ~20 books on nutrition and health, many of the authors are in the movie. You should read John McDougall's The Starch Solution. Your feeling tired, low in energy may be due to not eating enough starch/carbohydrates. An easy solution is potatoes. Start eating more potatoes. I like mine microwaved. The more fruits and vegetables that you eat the better it is but you also need to eat your starch/complex carbohydrates. They give you the energy needed. Other starches are rice, corn, yams, beans, etc...

    While I am a practicing anesthesiologist, nutrition is now my passion. John McDougall (along with T Colin Campbell, Caldwell Essyltsten, and Neal Barnard) is a hero of mine. He has a website that is also very helpful and free. Hope this helps.

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    Posted by Stephanie Relfe at 12/29/13 09:25:49

    That is great that you are doing this. I spent two years writing (and many years researching) all the information you need, and put it all together in one place, in my book "You're not fat, You're Toxic". It summarizes 50 books and gives scientific reasons why people should go vegetarian and also vegan, so that they can lose weight and also to save their health.

    And it will show you what to do to gain strength. Eg The China Study did NOT include how toxic modern wheat is. Give up wheat as well. The book will show you how to do it with a full shopping list and recipes.

    It summarizes 50 books and takes you step-by-step through all the things you need to do. Even healthy vegans can benefit from this book because they can learn about the pitfalls hidden in our food supply - eg GMOs.

    Please see the 5-star reviews at Amazon. This book was written to save lives , as well as animals, and I trust it will help you.

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