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Hello Community
I want to eat healthy but I know about the negative consequences of animal products concerning ethics and the Environment. Because of that I want to keep my consumption of animal products low. The Problem is that I'm afraid that my diet is too high in carbohydrates and too low in protein and healthy fat. Is it possible to be healthy without regular meat consumption?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/21/17 17:30:58

    First if all, its great that you want to eat healthy. Yes, you can be healthy without meat consumption. I've been healthy since I became a vegetarian, and vegan 25 years ago. I get my protein from tofu, lentils, beans, and other sources. You are probably craving the carbs because of the white bleached flour and refined sugars. Cut down on those and eat more salads, greens, and fresh fruits. Get your protein. You will feel better and healthier.

    I am 6 ft. tall , manage my weight, and have the energy of a 20 yr. old. Its all the way I eat and think. Also, exercise will burn the calories and assist with metabolism. Hope this helps. No one needs to eat meat to live, unless you live in Arctic or Antarctic with no access to vegetables and grains. Health is really a state if mind and being in tune with your body. Think healthy.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/28/17 03:25:11

    Im not an expert on nutrition but heres what i can tell you from my experience. I went from eating lots of lean cuts of red meat and so called "healthy fats" from salmon and low carbs to high carbs and low fat. I abruptly made the change just about exactly two years ago. I am very obsessed with my physique and i stare at myself in the mirror and measure my body fat with calipers several times a week just to make sure I'm staying lean and it's not all in my head.
    I'm male, forty, and wasn't blessed with genes with naturally fast metabolism. i work out five days a week and get another hour or two of physical activity and exercise every day.
    My physique has only improved. I have gained muscle and become leaner. My 6 pack abs didn't go away. I have more energy. Point is, carbs shmarbs. Not to be afraid of but you probably do have to burn them. Luckily they give you energy to do exactly that.

    As long as you're getting enough calories its kinda tough not to get the protein you need. But it's not hard to find high protein plant based foods.

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