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Hello! So I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. Since then, I have been going on and off veganism. I really want to stay on a vegan diet. If you have any tips, please tell me! Also, I know having vegan friends helps. If anyone is looking to have a new internet friend, let me know!!! :) (Message me!)

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    Posted by Kittybiscuit at 03/28/16 00:17:23

    Is there a particular food that you miss or is it difficult to find vegan food in your area? One suggestion is to search for recipes on the Internet and just put the word vegan in front of it. So many things can be veganised and you don't necessarily need fancy ingredients. Good luck

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/28/16 04:51:57


    Read some books about vegan diets or much better yet, vegan philosophy. You can quite likely find a number of such books at your local library.

    There's a suggested reading list on this site, or you can get a long list of books at my website, which you can find in my Profile here on HappyCow.

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    Posted by Chillincat at 03/28/16 18:18:16

    My biggest problem is being unprepared when hunger strikes. I try and keep a can of nuts in my car and desk at work. Otherwise when work brings in pizza and I am hungery, ugh. I also crave sweets when stressed, many are not vegan..nuts seem to lower stress too.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/18/16 18:24:39

    Good news - vegan pizza is everywhere. Chains like PizzaRev, Pieology, and Mod all offer Daiya vegan mozzerella, multiple vegan sauces, and great veggie and herb options. 800 Degrees is my favorite but they are a smaller chain.

    You can also order thin crust from Pizza Hut with extra marinara and veggie lovers toppings, eat as is, or melt Daiya on it at home, or sprinkle on nut cheese.

    Lots of kettle cooked style chips or veggie chips are vegan, and if you like sweets, Blow Pops, Sweet Tarts and Sour Patch Kids are all accidentally vegan - and you may have to pay a dollar extra, but many brands of dark chocolate are vegan (most cheap chocolate that isn't vegan isn't ethical anyway, because of child slavery) can learn to bake vegan cakes, cookies or pies at home, or look up accidentally vegan snack foods, like Teddy Graham chocolate flavor or plain Oreos. Granola bars or Clif or Luna bars are nutritional ways to deal with cake or cookie cravings.

    Hope this helps!

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    Posted by anahidscv at 04/21/16 16:27:55

    Focus on an important issue. Mine is the animals. I will never eat an animal again, ever! They don't deserve to die for my taste buds. The environment also is an important issue as well as your health. Becoming vegan is the most important decision you can make in your life. It benefits you, the animals and the environment.

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    Posted by swissglobetrotter at 04/23/16 06:19:52

    I would never be able to follow any kind of diet, I just love food too much! I eat all kind of junk food and any food in big amounts. Being Vegan has been one of the easiest decisions in my life. I do not focus on myself, I focus on the animals. No matter how much I like something, it is not worth a life of pain and suffering of someone else. Stop focusing on yourself and focus on the animals. Inform yourself more and more about what really happens before food is served on your plate, ending it is only up to you

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    Posted by Taust24 at 04/23/16 12:38:13

    I'd recommend a few movies that I found very insightful. "Vegucated", "Forks Over Knives", "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead", "Food, Inc", "Food Matters, "Cowspiracy", and many more. You can find almost all of these on Netflix! I watched these when I first became Vegan and they've educated me and helped me see what really happens. When I first started I had trouble but I watched these videos and I never questioned Veganism again. It also helps having a good support group. My boyfriend is always here to read labels for me and help me cook Vegan!

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    Posted by Red90 at 04/28/16 10:14:03

    In the beginning I had the same problems, I was hungry all the time, I didn't quite know what to eat, but then I started reading more and more. Articles, youtube videos... I found great recipes, figured out that I can make vegan cakes,cupcakes,pancakes that taste great! I started cooking more and I love it!
    I also don't have any vegan friends, my whole family just looks at me like I'm crazy when I try to explain my 'diet' and why I like it and that I feel great. But honestly...I got used to it. Every so often people will raise my blood pressure with stupid questions, but that's just part of the end it's your decision and if it makes you feel great, just do your thing.

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    Posted by JonParker at 04/28/16 13:20:20

    One thing that I like to do is to have Naked close by... The drink haha. My favorite is the green machine one. They are all natural juices and the green machine tastes delicious, is filling and is super healthy. Be careful though if you do drink them because the protein one's have whey protein in them, which is a milk derivative. Also the almond milk one is good and has a nice bit of soy protein in it. Just something to think about when those cravings for certain things hit you. Also if you want are craving something sweet there is a completely vegan chocolate chip cookie that is delicious. I think it's called Larry and Lenny's Complete Cookie or something... It's got 16g protein and while it isn't something to eat all the time if you're watching your weight, it is certainly good for satisfying that sweet tooth. For me anyway... I hope you can stay on it!!

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 19:56:41

    Also, Taco Bell is easy cheap vegan fast food with a few tweaks. They offer to switch beef for beans, sour cream for guacamole, and chipotle cream for red or green sauce FREE. I easily make potato soft tacos, bean burritos, tostadas, and even crunch wrap supremes vegan. Taco salad is a bit more challenging but you can get the hang of it. Chips and salsa, and cinnamon twists are already vegan. I also have made a vegan crunchy taco, and plan on making a chalupa soon with beans, guacamole, potatoes, lettuce and some salsa or mild sauce.

    Also here's a great sandwich: hickory smoked Tofurky, with Just Mayo and lettuce, tomato OR for a twist, washed raw kale leaves, JMayo and a drizzle of sriracha. Put on your favorite vegan bread, I found a whole grain vegan potato bread that gives the satisfaction of a soft white bread.

    If you have specific cravings, they CAN be dealt with!

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