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I received this Press Release this morning & thought that I should share it with you!


VegNews Magazine - "Favorite VegWebsite:".



On behalf of VegNews Magazine, we're thrilled to announce the winners of the 2007 Veggie Awards.

Published in our November+December holiday
issue, the annual awards are the largest survey of its kind in the world, with 20,000 readers voting for their favorite veg products,
people, and places in nearly 50 categories.

The Veggie Awards showcase the best of vegetarian in categories ranging from soymilk (Silk), faux meat (Boca Ground Round) and restaurant (Candle 79) to celebrity (Natalie Portman), website (, and even most veg-friendly city (New York).

The magazine hits newsstands November 1. A sneak preview of all winners can be viewed here:


Most sincerely,


. . . . . . . . . .

Colleen Holland
Associate Publisher

More Than Recipes™
VegNews Magazine

One of Chicago Tribune's 2006
"50 Best Magazines"

PO Box 320130
San Francisco, CA 94132
p: 415.665.NEWS (6397)
f: 415.665.6398

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    Posted by happy-gal at 11/02/07 04:12:45

    I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!

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    Posted by Healthy at 11/02/07 09:31:35

    That's so cool! I love this site --- actually wish it was a bit more active though ...

    I totally agree with the editor's raving about hemp. I just started drinking hemp milk and while the taste isn't so great, the nutrients in it are stellar! Lots of great stuff like calcium, B12, and vitamin D.

    I always make it taste better by adding some organic maple syrup or agave nectar because the benefits of hemp are too good to pass up! :)

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    Posted by Gorgeous at 11/02/07 09:40:36

    I just spent a few blissful vacation days in Bangkok eating only at HappyCow recommended places.

    HappyCow Hong Kong has been "born again" whilst I was away - wow! - 4 seperate pages now - so clear & easy to use.

    Bangkok - the best place which I tried this visit was "May Kaidee 2" which is a fantastic restaurant & after a 4 hour shopping & cooking lesson with "Khun May" I can now make "Som Tam" (green papaya salad), "Masaman Jai Curry" & several more dishes whose names I still have to memorize.

    HappyCow is better than #1 for me! - I had dreaded coming to Hong Kong as a vegan - you guys have made it so easy for me - thank you, thank you.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/02/07 16:00:43

    Yay, congratulations Happycow!!

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