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I was turned onto Goji Juice recently, and it has done wonders for my body, overall health, and my overall feeling of well being. I call it my chi, or life force energy, but to each his own. As a vegetarian, it helps me obtain all the nutrients I need easily, as well as heal my body and keep me energized throughout my day, and through my hard long water polo workouts. My entire team wonders how I stay vegetarian and remain in top physical condition when I am burning 8,000 calories plus daily.

The Goji Berry is considered a superfruit, and it contains all of the essential aspects of a complete nutrition needed to sustain the human body. All nine essential amino acids making it a complete protein, it is full of complex carbohydrates, the recommended daily dosage of all needed vitamins and minerals including anti-oxidants. GOJI JUICE IS NOT A CURE HOWEVER. What it DOES do is give your body all of the tools needed to begin to rebuild and detoxify, and heal itself of the ravages of aging and stress. Goji juice is a true super food, and it was used in Chinese Medicine and has aided people in numerous ailments. The Goji Juice I sell is 100% natural, and it is safe for vegans and raw foodists. If you are not satisfied and feel no benefit, you can send all of your empty bottles of Goji back to us within 90 days, and recieve a full refund. That is what convinced me to get some, and I am so satisfied by this stuff.

As well as optimize my health as a vegetarian, it has opened me up to a great business opportunity, I am now a Goji Juice Marketing Executive. I have seen great potential in this product in both health, and business.

I am just getting started and I wanted to share my experience and possibly further my new carreer in this market. I want to do what I love. In health, and promoting health and opening business opportunities.
Here are some links you should check out if you are interested in starting your own business from home, or if you are simply interested in the benefits of Goji. (testimonial site featuring recovery stories of almost every disease and ailment you can think of) (this is an actual government health study database, the goji juice is backed by real studies, search for "Lycium Barbarum", latin for goji)

If you are interested in furthering your carreer doing what you love in the health business, or are interested in getting some of the good juice, please contact me at, and visit my site. I am trying to further my carreer, in the process helping you and your health, but I need your help as well, we can build if you are willing.


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    Posted by AlmostVeggie at 12/08/07 12:21:02

    My mom is a Goji Juice marketing executive as well. We all love it! I've been on it for almost a year now and I haven't had one cold, flu or ear infections like I used to get this time of year (Minnesota is REALLY cold). I'm surprised my dad drinks it because he's a skeptic but it has helped him manage his blood sugar.

    Amazing Goji tale: My aunt and uncle recently moved from Japan (Air Force) to Minnesota and they have a beagle named Delilah. Anyways, Delilah was bit by a tick. She became very ill and the doctor said she had contracted some weird blood disease from the tick. The prescribed medication wasn't helping so my aunt asked my mom if she could bring over a bottle of Goji. Needless to say, that dog is back to her old self.

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    Posted by whole1 at 02/29/08 15:56:37

    I know this thread is about Goji juice, but has anyone ever tried goji berries? I just recently found these on the internet. We have been playing with them in our organic bakery. I make the most delicious goji berry and almond cookies. I couldn't believe the taste, they are almost like a cranberry. But the nutritional benefits are outstanding.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/29/08 16:10:59

    Oh yeah, I love Goji berries. I don't care for them all by themselves but they are awesome in granola, etc. They are great for veg since they are high in protein and lots of great amino acids! Plus lots of great vitamins and minerals, it's a great addition to a healthy diet.

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    Posted by whole1 at 03/01/08 13:02:17

    I am with you Tatiana. Goji berries don't taste great alone, but they sure make a great tasting cookie especially with almonds. I am just now playing around with them in the bakery and trying out new recipes to use them in. I blend them with raisins in my blender and make a lovely, great smelling spread for toast. They are so high in the antioxidants that we need daily.

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