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Tomorrow I'm waking up early and beginning my lifestyle as a vegan. Anyone have any good advice for making the transition? Or some easy recipes I can try to start off? I work a 9-5 job so the hardest part will probably be the cooking aspect...

Thanks for checking out my post, I hope to hear back from some of you soon!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/22/17 21:22:49

    MaskedFox--Have you been a vegetarian before going vegan? I did it gradually. If you are going cold tofurkey, for breakfast, I would say eat cooked lentil beans. If that doesn't sound good, eat cooked brown rice cereal or no sugar puffed wheat rice with almond or cashew milk. 100 % wheat or grain bread toasted is good. No sugar added strawberry preserve is good.

    For lunch, eat a big salad. If you are on the go, try Subway foot long veggie sub on whole wheat. You can load up on veggies that way and you can feel full. Or I'm sure where you live, there are many choices for vegan's--sandwiches or wraps. If you like Indian food, try an Indian restaurant--plenty of vegan dishes to choose from. Take an apple for during the day. It will help balance your blood sugar and they taste good. on For snacks and to keep the blood sugar up.

    Dinner--definitely another salad. I wrote about a tofurkey and tofu preparation in a response to marlicious' post on 10/21/17 on this forum . Or if you want simple, just buy some canned veggie soup. Best to try to start cooking. Get a vegan cookbook. Look up on happycommunity for recipes. Good luck. Wish you success.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 04:04:44

    Quick Breakfasts on work days:

    Whole grain vegan cereal with soy or nut milk

    Steel cut oatmeal with peanut butter, maple syrup and soy/nut milk

    Whole grain toast with avocado, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper

    Vegan breakfast sausages pan fried, with fruit or toast

    Bagel with hummus or vegan cream cheese

    Work lunches:

    Peanut butter and jam/jelly sandwiches with fruit or raw veggies, chips or pretzels, applesauce cups or chia snacks

    Tofurky with lettuce, tomato and Vegenaise, with Vegenaise and Sriracha (seriously I swear by this) on whole grain bread, same side snacks

    Cold pasta salad tossed with rinsed canned beans, a vegan Italian dressing (or similar) and celery or onion in a Tupperware-style container, tofu sticks or vegan jerky, and crackers

    Left-overs from previous dinner reheated if access to microwave

    Soup in a thermos, paired with favorite sandwich and/or snacks

    Clif or Luna bar, pretzels or veggies with hummus cups, V-8 juice and a banana or apple

    Tossed salad with tons of veggies, rinsed canned beans and/or chunks of braised or cold tofu, sunflower seeds, favorite vegan dressing, and crackers, chips or pretzels

    Quick dinners:

    Whole grain pasta with Earth Balance, canned stewed tomatoes, salt and pepper, some basil, maybe melt some vegan cheese but good without too, with a side salad and bread

    Cubed extra firm tofu with chopped fresh or frozen veggies, simmered in a jar of pre-made vegan curry sauce for 20-30 minutes, served over rice, quinoa or potatoes

    Beans of choice over potatoes (skin-on, baked or boiled) with a vegetable like cabbage, kale, or just onions, whatever you like, and try different condiments that you enjoy (i.e. Earth Balance, Braggs Aminos, Sriracha, Tapatio, or something like mayo and grain mustard, condiments are the key to happy affordable, quick vegan eating)

    Mixed bean, or white beans and kale homemade soup with dried beans, herbs, kale, garlic and/or onions, made the night before or on a weekend, with bread or toast

    Also, pre-made foods are fast, obviously like Boca burgers on a bun with fixings or Gardein Fishless Filets or 7 Grain Chkn tenders, with some sort of side dish

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 04:27:14

    Oh also if you eat out at lunch, I think Chipotle, Panera Bread and Taco Bell are your best bets. Chipotle gives vegans free guacamole if we don't get the sofritas, and you can bulk up your burrito or bowl with just beans, brown rice, veggies, salsas and guac....Panera usually has one vegan soup per day (the garden vegetable is vegan if you say "no pesto" when you order it) and they're great in the bread bowl (also vegan)...they have a Mediterranean sandwich you can get with no feta, add extra hummus...salads can be tweaked, and many of their bagels are vegan (most bagels are except for egg bagels and dessert-type bagels with milk chocolate chips etc) I used to ask for the hummus on the side instead of butter with an everything bagel, and get a bowl of garden veggie soup with no pesto. There's also a black bean soup, if you're into that.

    Taco Bell is really low brow, but you can get a bean burrito (or two) with no cheese, add rice or potatoes, add guacmole, extra red sauce, extra onion for like...two dollars and fifteen cents each? The cinnamon twisty things are also accidentally vegan and if you eat there often trust me you can make about ten different things on the menu vegan if you want.

    I'm honestly not big on Subway. I used to go there sometimes, but yeah it's essentially a salad on a bun, with a side of potato chips, YMMV.

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    Posted by Kiwifruiti at 02/13/18 14:03:12

    Hi MaskedFox,
    There’s an app called ‘HelloFresh’. They have a veggie meal plan on there in which you can select for eithe 3 meals/per week for 2 or 4 people. Each week, they’ll send you recipes and exact ingredients required for the meal. There is very little prepping if any. Currently, the meal plan cost around $60 for 2 people and $120 for 4, but you can get $40 OFF your first order if you use the coupon : MISHA. Delivery is also free and apparently, you can cancel after your first trial if you decide you don’t like it. Hope this helps!

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    Posted by rajarampatil at 03/23/18 04:59:59

    I mostly preferred Nutralite website. You can get more vegan recipes like Stuffed Coconut Crepes,Vegetable Triple Decker Sandwich for breakfast and lunch , dinner also. They have a vegan food plan on there in which you can choice as per your like and recipe preparing time also have less. They used Nutralite products in recipe which is low in cholesterol and does not consist of hydrogenated fats to maintain healthy life. Try it and more read on
    I Hope this help you...........

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