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This project is amazing - I hope that it is duplicated in many areas / other countries -


From Angela Stokes' blog -

So, while we're on this green-ing up subject, there are a few organisations I'd love to mention who I think are doing really cool work. It just so happens that all 3 are found in the Vancouver, BC region – which may tell us a thing or two... ;)
The first is the ‘Glean Team' in Nanaimo. This is part of the ‘Nanaimo FoodShare' initiative and the basic idea is that they match up people who have an excess of food growing on their land, which they're not going to pick and use themselves, with people who go and pick it. Genius. This is from their site:

"Every year in the Nanaimo region an enormous amount of quality fruit and nuts drop from trees and rot. At the same time people line up at food banks for emergency hampers.
To reduce this food waste, the Fruit Tree Gleaning Project is linking surplus fruit and vegetables with volunteers willing to pick. Gleaners are encouraged to share their harvest with friends, family, neighbours, or a local food bank."

Love it. You can read more and maybe even duplicate this simple, yet stunningly effective model in your own community by checking out their site HERE:

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