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I am not sure if there are vegans out there that feel the same way as I do or have felt what I feel now. I need some advice please. I have been vegan for about four years now. My main reason was the animals, and still is. I also care about the environment and my health in that order. Right away after eliminating meat, I started feeling so much better health wise but something else happened. A new world opened up to my view and it was a very ugly world. I became aware of ALL the animal abuse, torture, neglect, and exploitation. With that I became restless, emotionally tired and overwhelmed. It bothers me to see someone buying dairy and meat. It bothers me seeing someone talking about meat or eating meat. It bothers me to hear people who deny about climate change and everything that is contributing to it. It bothers me simply because people are close minded, ignorant and don't care about the animals and the environment. I work in the travel industry and one of my favorite things were to see nature and how much I enjoyed doing so. Now, it bothers me when I am cruising, that I come across people who are consuming all the meat and dairy and do not care enough about the beauty of the planet that they are inconsiderate and throw trash into the ocean, waste paper and attend animal shows or activities involving animals. All of these emotions have caused me to only want to stay at home and not be around people. I have many, many times tried educating people, but its just too much ignorance out there and I am very overwhelmed. I feel like I am going crazy. I know, yes, I know, I keep hearing that we (Vegans) are making improvements, where the sales of cow's milk is dropping, more and more businesses and supermarkets are offering vegan options and animals are given more freedom and rights. I still see no end is near, and just so sad. I thought about seeing a counselor, but who is going to understand my feelings when its related to animal rights and the awful world we live in. I feel that all I want to do is spend 24/7 around animals, especially farm animals. That is what hurts me the most. The consumption and the use of farm animals for our benefit. I just feel that it needs to end NOW. I want to work for a farm rescue organization, but have had no luck. I just don't know if that will help. I don't know how to turn back the clock, but the world is not pretty the way it used to be in my mind. Read many books about animal rights and veganism, and all I have read is abuse and exploitation of animals and how society can't still connect that we are all the same, with feelings and emotions. Please help.

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    Posted by Ramaswamy at 07/22/15 14:01:03

    We need to be realistic about the world & view the issue through the eyes of an individual.The world isn't perfect & a single individual can't change that.What we can do though is to abide by our principles & try spreading the word at the most.Whatever said & done mother nature has her own way of course correction & reprimanding us through any of the 5 elements .Humans sit on top of the food chain & hence we have the ability to decide our choices of food which a carnivorous animal doesn't have hence it is best to leave at that rather than worry about things which are beyond your actions.

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    Posted by ellie4animals4ever at 07/22/15 14:10:03

    Don't act on your emotions and have a go at meat eaters because it will just make them defensive and angry. Half of them probably don't realise how much animals and the environment suffer because of their diet because meat companies try to convince them that 'animals are killed cleanly and painlessly' even though their not. Chanel your frustration, anger and sadness into passion for fighting for animals. Raise awareness, donate and carry on being a Vegan and try not to get too upset. There will always be ignorant people.

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    Posted by elizabet at 07/23/15 22:46:37

    I felt the way you did in my earlier years of being vegan. I shed many tears. What helped me: being the change I want to see in the world, excitedly bringing vegan goodies to potlucks and gatherings, hugging and squeezing my darling cat, Bina (she connected me to the animal world), time, time has helped ease things and realize people are on their own paths and i can be a guiding light / inspiration, and finally THE MOST IMPORTANT, finding a vegan community (either online -- check YouTube -- or in person (vegan MeetUps in your area??). Having others who see the world the way I do was paramount to helping me.

    Good luck sweet thing! xo

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    Posted by RJS at 07/25/15 01:06:50

    Sounds like you're feeling really down and its stopping you from enjoying things you used to love.
    It's true when you have very different view of the world from most of the population it can make you feel lonely.
    It may be really difficult but it might help to take the leap to join groups in your area and meet people who feel the same.
    But if you cant remember how important you are just by being a vegan, it can be difficult to see but the choices you make every day are changing the world for the better.

    Make sure your getting all your nutirents , not getting enough D and B vits can cause people to feel down.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 07/27/15 09:57:50

    Thank you to all with your kind words and advice. I believe also, that it will take time for me to heal, but its a long journey. Since I am an artist, and eventually will paint something, I will put my talent to use, and show the world the real ugly pictures of animal exploitation and bring awareness, while at the same time show the beauty of nature and animals.This is how may be able to heal.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/28/15 20:42:06

    Be the change you wish to see in the world!!!!

    I feel with you. Try to find fellow vegans locally or online that you can hang out with. e.g. search for vegan meetup groups in your area. That helps at least a little bit against the horror of seing animal abuse day in, day out.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/03/15 16:52:08

    I'm hardcore about the environment and as for me the main thing I do is try to push through anything that's better for the planet, through petitions, phone calls, educating people on social media, and changing my own habits. I like to collect new ways and lots of information about sustainability and vegetarian/vegan eating...I make compromises with people who are stubborn if they make any improvements at all, like going organic/free range or flexitarian...I will do anything I can to promote healthy vegan products or substitutes.

    I also feel very overwhelmed and angry and tend to especially take it out on people who are paleo-tards, or unapologetic pork eaters on the Internet. That's probably not healthy, but I think some venting is ok, especially when there's so much evidence out there that Americans are willfully ignoring.

    I vote, I do volunteer work, and have decided to join a vegan meet up group for Thanksgiving. I have given a friends child veggie chkn nuggets to show her mom how much her child liked them and would eat them. I will do anything I can.

    I try to focus on the positive, I honestly find the recent egg board controversy a very good sign, because it means vegans or lacto-veg people are a real threat to some of this big factory farms, that's huge.

    I wish I could stomach going in and exposing factory farms, there are some really level headed and brave activists out there coming face to face with the brutality, waste and disease...but I think that would just upset me more.

    I would recommend to you what a friend said to me...once you find your "job" doing that thing you can do to contribute, you won't feel as helpless to all of the garbage you can't control.

    It's hard. I try to think about how anti-slavery and women's rights activists felt a century ago, how much horrific ignorance they were up against. That's really helped me put some things in perspective, that it can be done.

    The environmental stuff terrifies me though, and sometimes you have to know when you should step back, not watch the news, not argue with anyone, just take care of your self, do something positive or just enjoy animals or nature.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 11/05/15 09:50:25

    Hello Thalassa, thank you for your wonderful message. Things are getting better, as I am not viewing gory pictures of tortured animals anymore. Somehow I have become very sensitive to that kind of material and can't handle it anymore. It is in the back of my mind, as I will educate people, sign petitions, make phone calls and do my part as a vegan and hope that in the near future, very near, as a society we will make some changes to support the animals and the environment. I do see improvements as more and more people are becoming aware of what is in their food and what is happening to the environment. I understand World Vegan Day, November 1 was a big success as the internet was flooded with so much people about veganism. Thanks again.

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