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For those that want to see more vegetarian programming, here is a link to a petition for The Food NetWork to include some vegetarian cooking shows::

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    Posted by davenport4 at 05/12/09 14:01:52

    I personally emailed them, but this works just as good, and the more we let them know, maybe they will comply...

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 05/13/09 14:33:57

    Thanks Davenport!☺

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    Posted by rileysoprano at 06/05/09 19:33:07

    I spread the info to my email group (fat free vegans) hopefully some of them will also participate!

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    Posted by at 08/06/09 22:41:35

    Thanks!! I pitched a show to them a few years back & they said that vegan was too ahead of the curve. Maybe this can help to open doors & change things! Bless!
    :) C

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/07/09 11:11:59

    The most recent Top Chef Masters on Bravo was a vegan, soy free gluten free meal for Zooey Deschanel (sp?). Pretty cool, none of it was what I would have made (maitake) but still good to see it prominently.

    Food Network will never do it as a show though. They feel it to be too preachy, anything healthy, they have meat-based and/or unhealthy sponsorships they would be afraid to offend. They also don't want their viewers to think too much nor beak out of a dietary mold that would challenge them to be better.

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