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Are you a vegetarian who is not feeling right and you're thinking of returning to meateating? I HAVE ANSWERS FOR YOU! I've been blessed with my vegan diet for 37 years, and have enjoyed mostly incredible health throughout, but after I suffered a 15-month bout with severe depression and chronic fatigue a few years ago, I discovered the cause and the cure! As vegetarians, we replace flesh with grains, legumes, mushrooms, yeasts, starches, and dairy. THESE TYPES OF FOODS CAUSE CANDIDA ALBICANS YEAST INFESTATIONS IN YOUR BODIES UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. It's a long story and intertwined with the use of antibiotics, use of alcohol, and bile stones in the liver. It's simple to reverse (but not easy): I did a 30-day anti-yeast diet restriction in 2007 and I had an incredible restoration of my vitality! I was only able to do it perhaps 50% of what is recommended, but I really concentrated on keeping all wheat, most grains (except brown rice) sugar, dairy, and alcohol out of my diet (the dairy was easy because I don't ever consume it anyways) and the results were stupendous! Depression: 100% GONE! Chronic Fatigue: 100% GONE! Strangely mangled fingers: 75% GONE (I can play my guitar again!) Male Labido problems: 100% GONE! I'm here to help anyone for free, my goal is to keep vegetarians away from returning to meat and end that sterotype of "those sick and weak vegetarians" and I'm continually researching this issue so if you have anything to add, please post it here! Recommended reading: Lifeforce (McCombs) (Candia Yeast eradication cleanse), The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse (Moritz) (Liver Bile Stones Cleanse: restoring digestion eliminates toxic reactions) The Yeast Connection (Crooks) (The first book on the Candida Albicans epidemic) Or watch Know The Cause with Doug Kaufman on cable TV. KDOC-tv on Burbank Cable. Or visit their website

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