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Even to i have been veggy for 4 years i have been feeling more tired the last year then before.I feel tired around 4pm when im at work,i eat plenty of fruit and veg and alot of quorn meat in my meals,i'm not a fan of everything veggy like nuts,pulse's,lentils,i cant have iron tablets.i feel dizzy and sluggish in the afternoons.has anyone else felt like this?? i never felt this way the first 3 years??

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    Posted by kellymarie at 08/18/09 15:21:36

    even though sorry!! not even to.

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    Posted by eric at 08/18/09 15:47:38

    Hi Kellymarie,

    Try eating only salad or a protein smoothie for lunch and have cooked foods later on for dinner. Also, I find if I wait too long to eat lunch and have a big meal after 2pm I get sluggish (then a short nap- even 10 minutes is my savior). So try small meals between breakfast and dinner and see how you feel.
    Oolong tea also does wonders for bringing me out of that sluggish, dizzy mid afternoon feeling.

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    Posted by emama at 08/18/09 16:47:31

    hi there,
    i know just how you feel, when i was pregnant with my second baby my animia turned for the worst! it sucks you cant have supplements, why is that?if it's pills that give you a hard time there are other powder forms you can take it in, even adding it over your food. but it sounds like your body is changing an your iron needs to be bumped up a bit. red wine is supposed to be great for iron..a small glass a day, lots of greens an peanut butter! i love peanut butter but it is a great sorce of iron especially for a light mid day snack.hope you feel better!!

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    Posted by Yoshi at 08/20/09 12:45:35

    Probably an iron deficiency. I used to feel the same way...completely fatigued, no matter how much rest I got. After I started taking iron the problem went away within days.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/20/09 14:46:30

    Have you had your B12 levels checked? That is another cause of anemia.

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    Posted by Mir at 08/21/09 21:29:39

    To get extra energy naturally, try taking a tablespoon (or a couple of spoons) of nutritional yeast flakes a day. Nutritional flakes are full of B vitamins and amino acids. It will keep you going for sure.

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    Posted by ThomasScott at 08/26/09 18:21:44

    Are you getting enough sleep at night? That's the first place I would look to make sure you've got enough energy during the day!

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    Posted by Tom at 09/17/09 12:25:21

    Nutritional yeast (especially the Red Star VSF variety) is definitely one of the good additions to the daily choices. It's loaded with a whole range of vitamins and minerals, good for what ails ya :-) We sprinkle it on popcorn, pizzas, pasta, in soups, avocado dips, on curries, salads, etc, anything that will go well with a "cheezy" flavor.
    For extra iron we enjoy a little blackstrap molasses drizzled on toast, pancakes, in baked beans, mixed in a glass of rice milk, etc.
    Also a decent nights sleep is critical.

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    Posted by jenjonnas at 11/08/09 15:11:18

    I also have the same problem I have been a vegan for about 3 months now and I am totally commited to it but sometimes I get worried my body is'nt producing enough oxygenated blood because I get winded alot easier than I used to and I take Vitamin B12 under my tongue sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and suggestions.

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    Posted by shearwater at 11/09/09 05:10:38

    I hear this occasionally - someone stops eating meat then doesn't have energy. But I never blame the lack of meat. I went vegetarian 23 years ago, vegan 10 years ago, and have more energy now than when I started.

    I don't just eat a vegan diet - I eat a healthy vegan diet with lots of exercise, fresh air, and sleep. And of course I don't smoke and rarely eat anything that can be considered junk food. I occasionally review a list of nutrients and their food sources to ensure I'm still getting everything I need and eating a balanced diet. I also take a multivitamin.

    When someone says they cut out meat and feel tired I always wonder about their lifestyle, if they are eating a healthy diet, or if there's an underlying medical concern that has been exposed. After all, people who eliminate meat from their diets should be healthier. This means more energy and stamina too and why many athletes benefit when they go vegan. But cutting out meat is only one step of eating healthy.

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    Posted by keevegan at 12/04/09 17:30:30

    I agree that cutting out meat is only one step to being healthier. I have been veggie for 15 years and Vegan for 8, I have worked in a natural foods store that specializes in vegetarian/vegan foods for 3years. I see a big range in peoples diets and what makes one person feel good may not be the answer to another person's ails. On the surface it does sound consistent with anemia or iron deficiency, but it could be due to a number of things. I toed the line of anemia for many years as a child who ate meat. My mother used this as a large concern for my choice to go vegetarian as a teenager- but guess what? my levels improved drastically, and I have not had an issue with it since. I am much more active than I was when I was younger, I am a long distance runner and a roller derby jammer. I try to eat a variety of foods, greens and whole grains when I can- both can be good suppliers of iron. You don't like any pulses? That is unfortunate because as you probably already know beans are a great source of iron and folic acid among other things.What about fresh hummus made with garbanzos? I am busy and my diet lacks for it at times, but remember that fresh foods are very healthy AND convenient to eat. Not just carrot sticks and bananas, but avocado or radishes or string beans.. wait get the idea. I also eat often. My friends often comment or have fun with the fact that I always have snacks that I carry with me everywhere I go(they also eat a lot of my snacks while making fun!) Hope you are feeling great again and soon! Let us know if you think anything in particular worked for you!

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