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I am a vegetarian who doesn't consume dairy. I have eggs from pet chickens. My question is: if someone has a few rescued and/or pet cows, and there is some milk leftover, more milk than the calves need, is it okay to have some of the milk. I would say it is okay. As long as you take good care of the cows, bulls, and calves. And of course, neuter the males to control the population.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/18/13 12:55:37

    As a chef I should caution you regarding the potential health risks to drinking unpasteurized milk. The problem with raw milk is that it could include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This is why the USDA only permits the sale of pasteurized milk products. People who have pet cows and goats are technically NOT supposed to be drinking milk from these animals. They are also legally prohibited from selling these products for food consumption.

    If you want to drink this milk, I would recommend heating it to 161°F for about 20 seconds. This will not kill all of the bacteria but it will kill the harmful bacteria.

    Cool the milk by pouring it into a shallow pan. When it's at room temperature, you may pour it into a container for refrigeration.

    Avoid putting hot milk in the refrigerator especially if you cover it as this will trap the heat and encourage the growth of bacteria.

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    Posted by loppy123 at 05/27/13 07:17:40

    Yes, I forgot to mention the milk must be pasteurized.

    I think this was an ethical question of whether it is okay for the human caregivers to take the excess milk. I would say it is okay, although ideally the milk would go to orphaned calves.

    It's interesting that the question was misinterpreted as a health issue: people just can't grasp the fact of vegetarianism for animal welfare reasons. I would hardly call it harmful healthwise to wear leather, but I still try to avoid leather.

    You can't be totally vegan because there are animal products in almost everything, but you can make an attempt to avoid animal products as much as possible.

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