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Hello I am new here I wanted to get some perspective. I do not eat meat and make vegan choices whenever possible. I recently found a job at a fish farm where fish are bred for sale to pet stores. I know this job will be great on resume and I am greatful for the opportunity to work w such wonderful creatures. Althugh the fish here are kept alive and healthy, I noticed some employees have little respect for them as individuals. Also Im not sure if fish breeding is ethical My question is whether or not I should participate in ths industry? I realize exchanging lives for profit is wrong but if not me respecting the fish, someone less considerate will likely be disrespecting them Let me know wat o think

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/14/14 08:32:26

    The decision is yours.

    Many of us see keeping a fish confined in any way is no different than confining humans. A fish living in a fish bowl is like a human living in a closet.

    We also tend to see the selling of non-humans as the same as selling humans.

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    Posted by AllyG at 09/15/14 22:46:29

    Maybe you have been sent there by God/universe whatever you believe in to be the catalyst for change. Maybe you can teach the co-workers how to treat the fish better and educate them about what social beings they are.

    At least they are being sold for pets where hopefully they will be wanted and treated well.

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    Posted by Cloud-Dog at 10/03/14 01:28:18

    I don't think of it as unethical, it is for flesh eating animals, not for human consumption.

    you say they are kept well, I have no idea how to tell the difference between a well kept fish or not but i'm sure there are few better ways to feed otters or whatever in captivity.

    I make this choice for myself. I don't carry a torch for anyone. My personal carbon footprint will go down. My health will improve.
    one veggie at a time there are more of us all the time

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