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Hello, I am a physician and plant-based nutrition coach in the Los Angeles area. I also do research that usually focuses on the benefits of a plant-based (=vegan) diet

Recently, at the suggestion of many people in the vegan community I have decided to take on a study that has never been done before: A weight loss study for those individuals that are already vegan and interested in losing weight and exploring what is hindering their weight loss and then working through those obstacles.

The study will last for 90 days, with the option to extend it to 180 days for participants who are interested in continuing on for more long-term evaluation & coaching.

The start date has not officially been set but I am targeting an April 1st kick-off. The latest would be April 30th.

There are some requirements and not all people who apply will be chosen to participant in the study. There are many perks to becoming a study participant which include but are not limited to:

*Educational materials

* Free nutritional baseline assessment and customized plan created for your specific situation by a physician who is a plant-based (vegan) advocate.

*Free weekly private nutrition counseling and coaching by a physician who is a plant-based (vegan) advocate.

* Free continual feedback and support at all times (in both structured and unstructured ways)

You do not need to be located in the Los Angeles area. You can live anywhere as we will do our sessions via skype or telephone.

As I mentioned, there will be some requirements on your end if you do indeed wnat to become a participant.

Please email me at: to request more information. Also, feel free to rake a look at my blog if you are interested and want to learn more about us. . Kindest Regards, Jenna

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    Posted by Chuck at 07/07/11 17:44:57

    I hope your study is going well. Please post the results when you're finished!

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