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I just joined today and I had a question about eggs. Years ago I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian and am trying to get back into the life. Hopefully full vegan one day. I recently made a veggie patty using TVP, tempeh, nutritional yeast various veggies and spices. The first one cooked up nice but was too moist and loose. I added some breadcrumbs and the moister level is better but they still do not stay firm. I had read about using eggs as a binding agent but before I try it I wanted to get some info on freezing them. I vacuum seal and freeze lots of food and I was wondering how eggs would hold up to freezing if I use them in my pre made patties.
Thanks for any help.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/30/14 04:26:58

    The conditions that laying hens suffer under in factory farming are truly horrendous. This is where 99% of all store-bought eggs come from.

    Even "free range" hens are largely a myth. The industry pushed through rules that eggs can be called "free range" if the hens are allowed to touch the earth and experience sunlight for an hour a day.

    Not to mention that commercial eggs are more often than not infected with Salmonella

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    Posted by Tank242 at 12/01/14 06:50:50

    Hi Chitown,
    That is correct, egg is a binding agent. You may freeze the finished patty.
    But as ahimsa stated above, eggs are quite problematic, also to you health.
    All you need is a different binding agent, eg soy wheat (organic, non gmo!!!)
    Corn starch will work as well.
    There are several more solutions, just search for "egg free binding agent" or look here:

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    Posted by Veganoms at 12/10/14 01:38:26

    As Tank242 mentioned, eggs will work as a binding agent but you don't need to use them. I use a flax egg anytime there is a binding problem. However, I only add a flax egg if the mixture is too dry. Since the mixture you have won't stay firm you need to add more breadcrumbs or even some oat flour, not a binding agent.

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