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Heading to Florida for the Disney Marathon, any advice or recommendations as far as eating? I'm not really the type to survive on salads alone so I was hoping someone may have some experience with his. I'll be with 4 omni friends so I don't want to make all of our dining decisions based on me. Thanks.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/07/13 17:10:25

    Hi Yoshi~
    Congratulations on the marathon! That's so impressive. Will you be staying in Orlando/Lake Buena Vista generally or in Disney itself?

    As for eating options, I went to Disney for a week last year. We were staying at a place in the Disney "compound", as I jokingly refer to it, with another family. I think it was called the Wilderness Lodge. Anyway, if you go to the theme parks themselves, I found they had slim pickings for vegans. Vegetarians could scrape buy with a slice of cheese pizza or a pasta dish, but as a vegan you were looking at a hot pretzel tops.

    Suffice it to say, the Whole Foods just outside of Disney World was my lifesaver. It's easy access just off of I-4 on Turkey Lake Road. I loaded up on groceries so I could have a vegan breakfast at the condo before we left, then take some snacks with me for the theme parks during the day. See

    Dinner was different. Where the theme parks had virtually nothing vegan, the upscale restaurants in the park almost all had separate vegan and vegetarian menus. The trick is, you must tell them you're vegan and you must ask for the separate menu. They don't offer them as a matter of routine and they're not displayed with the regular menu. This seriously pissed me off b/c I didn't discover these "secret vegan menus" until half way into our trip. In any event, in the Disney compound itself, I had the greatest success dining at the restaurants in the Animal Kingdom Lodge building (adjacent to the Animal Kingdom Theme Park). Sana'a was my favorite. See Sanaa is located in Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas, specifically Kidani Village. Boma and Jiko (in the Animal Kingdom Lodge) also had great vegan menus. You must check out Boma:

    Here is Jiko's vegan menu:

    You mentioned you're going with 4 omni friends. We went with meat eaters and they all loved Sanaa, Boma and Jiko. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these.

    If you happen to go to Downtown Disney, there's a Babycakes Cupcakes store there (vegan cupcakes). It's nice but not worth it's own trip IMHO.

    In Orlando itself, my favorite was the Dandelion Communitea Cafe. It's a casual all vegetarian restaurant in what looks like it used to be someone's house. Also recommended is Thuyen Vien for delicious, cheap Vietnamese food served by warm, friendly people. The atmosphere, though, is simple (i.e.: plastic chairs). Ethos Vegan Cafe in nearby Winter Park is also not to be missed.

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    Posted by BuddyWheeler at 02/19/13 17:53:44

    Hi, hope I'm not too late to help. I'm making my 3rd vegan WDW trip next week and have found a number of vegan food items available in the parks. We've also had 2 great meals at 1900 Park Faire with Chef TJ. He seems to work evenings Sunday through Thursday. Tell him you are vegan and he'll bring you course after course of wonderful food!

    Magic Kingdom

    Popcorn (Butter is vegan)

    Main St Bakery
    Divvies snacks
    Caramel popcorn
    Main St Ice Cream Parolor Tofutti

    Columbia Harbor House
    Vegan chili, fries, and apple pie
    Lighthouse Sandwich no slaw

    Cosmic Rays
    vegan burger with vegan bun

    Tortuga Tavern
    Vegan nachos

    The Lunching Pad (& Gaston’s)
    Soy Milk - Regular or Chocolate


    Popcorn (Butter is vegan)

    Liberty Inn
    Veggie burger w/avacado


    Kaki Gori

    Kingla Bakeri in Norway
    Sweet almond pretze

    Sunshine Seasons
    grilled vegetable sandwich with a creamy tomato hummus - no feta
    vegetable sushi
    tabouli and hummus roll ups
    middle eastern sampler
    vegetable barley soup
    tofu noodle bowl - no cracker
    kids PB&J w/grapes & water

    veg platter - no pita, no lentil salad

    mango tea

    Hollywood Studios

    Popcorn (Butter is vegan)

    Hollywood and Vine
    tofutti ice cream (you have to ask) with strawberry syrup
    50’s Prime Time – spaghetti and “meat”balls- on the menu, minus cheese to make it vegan, tofutti sundae

    Backlot Express
    veg sandwich on multigrain ciabatta - pesto is vegan
    black bean salad
    baked fries
    southwest salad no chicken

    Prime Time Cafe
    vegan shake

    Animal Kingdom

    Popcorn (Butter is vegan)

    Energ rice crust vegan cheese


    Beaches and Cream
    Shakes and Sundaes
    No Way Jose

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    Posted by Cechnicki at 02/21/13 13:28:00

    Unfortunately, BuddyWheeler's entire list is in question because butter is, in fact, not vegan. It's dairy. Unless the only vegan product the parks go out of their way to use is Earth Balance.

    Nor is pesto vegan, as it's prepared in advance with parmesan cheese. Also, the pretzels are made from milk and egg, just as most of the bread products in the parks will be. Even the veggie burger patties are "garden burgers" containing egg and dairy.

    What's nearly impossible to find is anything organic.

    Unless you're going to select the higher end restaurants with professional chefs that can cater to you, or cheat on pretzels and veggie burgers out of desperation, it's always best to bring your own food into the park or keep your room stocked.

    Buy a juicer when you get to town and return it as "defective" before you leave, as one way to work around things.

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    Posted by christina.matos at 02/21/13 13:57:29

    I believe what BuddyWheeler was trying to say is that the butter and pesto have been checked and are actually vegan. The "butter" on the popcorn is not butter at all, but butter flavored oil. Pesto is not always made with cheese. I don't know, from my own experience if this pesto is vegan or not, but don't be so quick to dismiss his information.

    I have been researching vegan food in the parks for some time now because we are leaving for our own Disney trip tomorrow. I have come across most of the same options that he listed as vegan on other vegan blogs and posts. The veggie burgers have been checked by many other people and everyone has said they are not made with dairy or eggs. The buns, however, usually need to be switched for a whole grain bun to be vegan. Also, soft pretzels are often vegan and have been checked by others as well... all agreeing that they are indeed vegan.

    It is always best to double check for yourself while in the park to be 100% sure of information provided on blogs and websites, but his list seems to be consistent with options that I have found in various other places.

    Enjoy your trip! :)

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    Posted by BuddyWheeler at 11/27/13 18:43:55

    Thanks for jumping in Christina, I didn't see a notification that this post had been updated. I'm actually planning a new trip right now and following up on my list from earlier in the year.

    One thing to not is the hummus on the veggie sandwich at Sunshine Seasons is not vegan any more, it has cheese in it. Who ruins hummus with a cheese?

    I'll agree that finding organic is going to be a tough challenge but when I'm on vacation I tend to give myself a bit of a break.

    As far as i know (after researching and asking cast members for the ingredient books) everything on the list I wrote is vegan.

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    Posted by L2Lulu at 11/30/13 20:12:26

    There is a vegan Disney FB page (search for Veg Disney) which links to a blog with great tips, recent as of Nov. 2013.
    http :// vegansatori (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2013/11/we-finally-made-it-back-there (dot) html

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    Posted by RobertBarr at 12/01/13 05:50:49

    @chechnicki -- Veganism is considered by most an ethical choice as well as for health purposes. I don't see how "stealing" a blender from a retailer no matter how corporate they may be is in anyway ethical. Retail employees often are paid by commission and have to pay back that money if you return merchandise. When I used to work at Sears, tourists used to do this with video cameras, one summer I worked for two weeks, and when my check arrived I had a negative balance, it make the next two weeks very difficult for my family. Please reconsider the next time you think this is "ok" behavior.

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    Posted by BuddyWheeler at 03/15/14 19:44:20

    I need to update my above list again, now the rice at Tortuga Tavern has dairy in it.

    I would skip the comment above calling my entire list into question due to the "butter." Disney uses a non dairy butter flavoring for the popcorn, it is well documented.

    If anyone has any real information about the items I listed I would love to hear them.

    And I agree with you completely RobertBarr about the ethics of stealing a belnder for a week.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 03/16/14 02:22:38

    @ Yoshi, the OP. Great to hear you join the Disney Marathon. I would like to hear your experience about the marathon and the vegan food, please post it later!

    >Rolling eyes< using a blender and returning it a week later? LOL.

    The comment that pesto sauce is not vegan might be incorrect; often for restaurants no cheese is used to make the pesto sauce, simply because it is much cheaper.

    And last but not least, a shocker that Disney World doesn't show its vegan menu but that one has to ask for it!

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