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Hi, my name is Teresa and I'm considering becoming vegetarian. I'm a college student doing a research paper on Vegetarianism and would appreciate it if any of you could answer some questions for my paper. Thank you! ;-)

1. What is your ethnicity/religion/educational/ and occupational background?
2. What is the reasoning behind why you practice a vegetarian diet?
3. What animal products do you avoid to be considered a vegetarian? Do you include other animal products in your diet?
4. Do you incorporate the vegetarian diet in other aspects of your lifestyle?
5. How do you get the nutrients your body needs without animal products in your diet?
6. What challenges do you have to overcome to incorporate a vegetarian diet in your lifestyle.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/28/09 16:46:48

    Post this on Facebook to the HappyCow Group / Page & to other veggy groups.

    ......maybe spend a little time composing more original / more interesting questions!

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/29/09 00:52:33

    It seems like you need to do more research before you know what to ask. Either that or just meditate on better, more thought provoking questions, like Johnny said.

    Have you considered your diet recently?
    What is the reason you kill animals to eat?
    What's your socio-economic background?
    What challenges do you have to overcome to incorporate plants into your lifestyle?
    How do you get enough nutrients when all you eat is the flesh of animals and animal by-products?

    Also, just got a Consumer Reports, you should buy it, very educational, about the contamination of your poultry. Most chicken in America is tainted; your food supply, not mine.

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