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Ok so I've been going back in forth about this question. I really wanna buy a purse from a etsy shop/seller kittycoutureboutique. The bags are vegan leather but look very much like real leather if that giving the wrong impression to someone who does not know I am vegan and the bag is not made of animal that wearing leather is ok? I stopped wearing leather about 5 years ago for ethical reason and have not found an alternative since but what do you guy think?

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    Posted by Wyrdnight at 02/07/11 06:43:53

    I'm not sure if people notice these things much but if they get on your case it could be a good opportunity to educate people as to the alternitives to leather.

    Is faux-leather any different to faux-fur? Both are animal friendly alternitives.

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    Posted by Veggi1 at 02/09/11 14:08:50

    I don't have issues with wearing faux leather. It actually gives me an opportunity to share an alternative! People comment on my purse or shoes; I don't hesitate to say it is not "real" leather. They are often fascinated and impressed that it looks so real!

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