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Being 1 of 3 vegans I knew in St.louis I moved to LA for among other things the opportunity to have a group of friends who shared similar ethical/environmental/social ideals as myself. I'm meeting very awesome people and my network of compassionate friends is growing. I wonder how many of us are vegan loners or has anyone achieved my dream of the kick butt all vegan posse of friends that gets vegan drinks / meetups / dinners / potlucks, etc?

Also, how do you balance your existing friends/family who prefer to remain blind to realty with your compassionate eyes open crew?

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 05/30/08 21:39:34

    Grrrr and we're down to 2 Vegans in the St. Louis area, with the other one leaving Sunday! I will be all alone starting this Monday! Hopefully I'll be moving shortly. :) Let me know if there is a Vegan posse in the Midwest anyone!!!

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 05/31/08 20:41:54

    How freaking cool is that???! No, I don't even have a vegetarian friend here! I went to a local vitamin place and they called another store because a Vegan was working there and could help me with my questions... so I know there are Vegans here in Omaha, NE.

    As far as family - everyone is respectful but my husband eats animal products and everyone else does. But, he is a Chef so he does try to create different dishes for me.

    Thankfully I have you guys to learn from and such - I check this site all the time...

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    Posted by treehugger at 06/01/08 06:08:18

    I am all alone too

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 06/06/08 00:00:00

    we need some serious vegan unity! 84 views and not one confirmation!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 06/06/08 08:28:04

    Alone :( (well I'm not 100% vegan but I figure this applies to me as well)

    Although my good vegan friend is moving back in August, hooray!

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    Posted by dimitri at 06/08/08 08:04:22

    i was in a yoga international group that was most of them vegan,we did however vegan nights once a month.was nice

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    Posted by cosmicbdog at 06/12/08 08:21:19

    10 men in 1 here. Definitely an all vegan posse.

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    Posted by Rocket at 06/17/08 14:53:33

    You guys in the Heartland have my sympathy. I'm not vegan, but I've spent most of my life in the L.A. area and *still* feel like an outcase despite the area's reputation.

    That said, I was blindsided recently at this old movie house I hang out at. I brought Smart Dogs to throw into the hot-dog cooker, which usually only heats up Hebrew Nationals, and both the guy who programs the midnight cult films and the manager joined me in chowing down.

    So maybe my posse of vegetarian film geeks is in its infancy.

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    Posted by Tom at 07/24/08 08:57:47

    Great thread, I love reading about everyone's experiences. My wife and I have been veg for 15 years and vegan for the past 6 of those. At first we only knew 1 other veg, the person who thankfully opened our eyes to the reality of meat production. But now it's a whole new world. I, gratefully, work in our local natural foods store and have 3 vegan, as well as 4 other borderline vegetarian (flexitarian) co-workers. We host veg potlucks at our home every couple of months and anywhere from 25 to 40 people attend. Though we call it veg, so even those who don't do much veg cooking won't feel uncomfortable, everybody always brings vegan and they are wonderful times. We're talking about little Bangor, Maine here, not some veg mecca like NYC or LA, so if it can happen here it can happen anywhere. In addition to my co-workers, 5 couples who are close friends of ours are either veg or vegan, and from them there are 15 veg/vegan children, along with our beautiful 3 month old vegan baby boy. We do dream of creating some type of a vegan neighborhood enclave someday. Nothing closed off or anything along those lines as we want inclusion, which is the best way to help spread the awareness, but just a neighborhood filled with compassionate people where we can go outside or walk around and not have to inhale the airborn death spores of putri-frying animal flesh from somebody's grill next door. Here's to the future we create !

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    Posted by celeste at 07/30/08 02:44:48

    When I was living in NYC I had a ton of vegetarian and vegan friends.Now I've moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and any kind of vegetarian is few and far between.I have met some people on this expat site and who are vegetarian and we're going to start to hang out. Of course all of these people are Americans.
    I think that there are more vegetarians in the US because of the horribly unhealthy food we have there. Whenever there's an extreme one way there's going to be an extreme the other way. Not to say that the Danish diet is particularly good,they eat way too much pork and smoke like chimneys and the drinking age is 16,but there isn't the obesity we have in the States. I miss NYC for how easy it is to be vegan,but I'm happy for the challenge I've been given to cook more and try new recipes on my husband,a new vegetarian.I'm also hoping to start a new vegan restaurant in the not-too-distant-future because of the lack of good veg restaurants here.

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/30/08 06:43:27

    I am the only vegan round here and the (counts on fingers)three vegetarians I know all eat fish.


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    Posted by vaunderbroad at 08/09/08 09:26:38

    ooooh in 1997-98, I had a vegan posse when I was vegan, we cooked together twice a week, so every tue and thur we would cook and eat and listen to music, it started bringing more and more people and at the end, we had about eight to ten of us, but then I got pregnant and they all moved out of town. I just came back to vegetarianism and I am getting together with come vegan girls this next wed though, wish me luck.

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    Posted by vaunderbroad at 08/09/08 09:33:25

    you's guys should host a vegan potluck, pick a day and put up flyers at your local health food store, peta group, tattoo shop, or college. My group started because of a citywide power outage that lasted a week,we still has electricity so my vegan roommate and I invited our friends to stay over and we all cooked, then word of mouth got around.
    i always made the miso

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 08/14/08 07:20:56

    Gr8vegan, we'll have a temporary Vegan Posse when I'm in LA next week!

    But other than that, I'm moving to Chicago in two weeks, is there anyone in here that wants to hang out with me in Chicago?!?!? Or do you know of any Chicago groups???

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    Posted by HM at 08/14/08 08:52:53

    I guess I'm pretty Spoiled here.
    Portland is packed full of Vegans.
    I can't say we have a posse, but we have a lot of vegans here, and just when I think I know a majority of them, I go to an event and see double that.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/14/08 09:08:47

    synthebm - I'm sure Chicago will have lots of vegans!

    HM - Yes, Portland is a very veg friendly city! San Francisco is as well, but I live just far enough away that it can be tough for me sometimes. I think the closest veg restaurant is 40 minutes or so drive away. I am happy that I have one vegan coworker, and another who will be back next week from overseas! Plus my mom is very supportive, so that makes family get togethers easy.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 08/14/08 11:56:09

    For synthebm -

    Chicago's "Veggie Fest" - this years "Veggie Fest" has already happened -,0,2312594.story

    It is organised by Sant Mat's - "The Science of Spirituality center in Naperville, Illinois"-

    They are veggies - " kitchen provides meals during the weekly Sunday programs as well as during special weekend seminars held periodically through out the year."

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    Posted by treehugger at 08/14/08 12:48:47

    vaunderbroad that is a GREAT idea.
    And I would do it but I'm frightened no-one would turn up and I'd be a right Billy No Mates.

    Ahh what the heck....nothing ventured nothing gained and I do find it terribly lonely sometimes.

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    Posted by HM at 08/14/08 13:54:46

    a friend and I have bounced around the idea of
    The Vegan Fun Squad
    I think we've unofficially already started it. Maybe that's our posse... I don't know:)
    But yeah we get together a lot for house party/potlucks, movie nights, out on the town nights, etc.
    There is such a huge amount of vegan community support that I don't know if I'd survive living in a place that didn't have at least a couple vegan restaurants and good coops that carry a large amount of vegan options.

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