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does anyone else make the mistake of assuming other intelligent people are veggie? i have been almost insulting people thinking that people who seem to get things either politically or environmentally or just seem to be smart are veggie. it always seems to come off harshly too, as if i'm saying that non-veggies are dopes. i wonder if there is a more tactful non-judgmental way of bringing up dietary beliefs than whatever it is i do that puts my foot in my mouth. oh well. anyone else do this?

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    Posted by dem at 05/07/09 19:49:22

    In your defense, it's a logical assumption.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/07/09 21:10:04

    ".....we are tubes. Gracile tubes in the case of models, perhaps, and lumpy tubes in many other cases, but tubes nevertheless." - this particular quote is from Kirby Olson -I could not find the specific one that I was looking for just now.

    Why do the vast majority of humans actively block up their tubes with animal flesh / cow mucus / fried foods / heavily processed foods etc.?

    Suicide ain't Painless - blocked up tubes hurt like hell - .......especially when they cause diabetes / heart attacks / strokes / cancers etc.!

    Blocking up your tubes / other folks tubes is a sign of insanity / a display of a lack of intelligence.

    Non-veggies (non-100% plant eaters) are dopes for sure.
    "Suicide is painless" - Ken Prymus singing - (Waldowski doesn't die - see below).
    Johnny Mandel - -I loved this movie & then the TV series.
    "Dago Red" (Auberjonois), the camp's chaplain, tells Hawkeye that "Painless Pole" Waldowski (John Schuck), the unit's dentist, has consulted him about a problem. Though Mulcahy feels unable to divulge any details (Waldowski had come to him in confession), he makes clear the severity of the problem. Waldowski, the "best equipped dentist in the army", tells Hawkeye that he has suffered a "lack of performance" with a visiting nurse and now believes that he has latent homosexual tendencies. Soon after, he reveals his desire to commit suicide and seeks advice on which method to use. Hawkeye, Trapper, and Duke suggest that he use the "black capsule" (a fictitious, fast-acting poison). At an impromptu Last Supper, Painless takes the capsule and falls asleep in a coffin to the strains of "Suicide is Painless". Hawkeye then persuades Lt. "Dish" Schneider (Pflug), one of the nurses who is returning to the U.S. the following day, to spend the night with Painless, thus curing him of his problems. -

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    Posted by Riehurotta at 05/08/09 02:52:14

    I have to say that all other vegetarians I have met, have been either university students or highly educated and very knowledgeable independent people often with deep interest in science and/or philosphy.

    Gotta admit that this has lead me to presume that the intelligent individuals have higher chance to be vegetarians compared to the... well, how can you say it politely... the people who aren't as educated, knowledgeable and cultured.

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    Posted by shearwater at 05/11/09 07:12:31

    I have this problem too. Many times by simply saying I don't eat animals I get attacked as if I was attacking them.

    I was once a meat eater too (gasp!) but I grew up and started thinking for myself. I understand we're all on different points of our own paths. I do believe though that intelligent growth leads to compassion. (or maybe compassion leads to intelligence)

    Many times it's not that we're not being tactful but that some people are too defensive. It's human nature to feel compassion but it's also human nature to rationalize our choices, especially when they seem under attack. Our mere presence can remind people of buried feelings and some can't deal with it so they go after the messenger. It's like meat eaters horrified by cruelty to dogs. Our presence brings to the surface their own contradictions, as it should.

    As for intelligence look at the company we keep - Einstein, Socrates, Shaw, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi..... and Happy Cow members.

    Be polite but don't be afraid to speak your mind. If I have to be bombarded with ads for meat, circuses, and hunting then they can hear what I have to say too. Ultimately animals, people's health, and the environment depend on people like us not being afraid to speak out.

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    Posted by davenport4 at 07/14/09 12:34:57

    Speaking of which...

    This "GREEN" thing that companies and corporate moguls are touting is not entirely fact.

    Being "GREEN," as it should be, encompasses everything about the environment including animals.

    One company, I will not name, that is big on being "GREEN," so they say, had a BBQ and cooked animal in many forms; plus their waste was was not indicative to being "GREEN."

    Does anyone buy into this corporate "GREEN" that they are trying to sell us?

    I mean, I think it is great that it is becoming a trend, but it only became acceptable in the business world when it related to them making money or saving it, not because it was the RIGHT thing to do.

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