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Hello all,

I'm conducting a study into attitudes and the subject of this research is how the vegetarian lifestyle is viewed by different members of dietary groups.

There is much evidence to support the suggestion that attitudes are most
prominent when they relate to our most important concerns (e.g, Health, fitness, welfare, finances, etc.). I have designed a questionnaire which will allow me to measure these areas.

This research has been conducted for educational purposes at my university, as part of my course requirement. Please let me know if you have any outstanding questions, I will answer these to the best of my ability.

Anyone willing to participate in my study please take the time to read through the information sheet:
[url=!I1J3RAxK!-Jo3Ge5DdYREj8al_fa-AWc0aNZ1MsAyulzohc8eKkY]Information Sheet[/url]

If you're pleased with this here is the questionnaire:

Finally if you have questions about your answers or how thye are treated read this after completion:
[url=!skgzSZ4Q!SNGsncpYG7FMuGAT9EjIF5wHRwxgad6xUu8_W70mpnc]Debrief Sheet[/url]

Once you're finished, the questionnaire can be submitted via e-mail. [email][/email]

Thanks again,


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    Posted by Gaunt13 at 04/25/15 07:48:59

    IF you're a bit hesitant you can e-mail me and ask me any questions

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    Posted by noedavne at 05/11/15 03:43:01

    I just sent you the questionnaire, I hope you find it useful.
    By the way, will you be sharing the results of your study?

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