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Hi everyone!

I'm currently doing my dissertation, and I desperately need respondents for my survey, and who better to ask than you guys!
My topic is gastropolitics - basically what things govern how and what we eat. I'm currently focussing on Vegetarianism and Vegan-ism and need as many people who classify themselves as either Vegetarian or Vegan as possible to reply!

I've had some difficulty in formatting the questionnaire into the text, so this google docs link should take you to a clean copy of my survey:

So please feel free to answer those questions in the reply, message me directly on here, or even contact me at I'll also be watching the comments closely, so any more information you want/need, please don't hesitate!
Hoping you guys can help!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/15/16 05:43:29

    I assume you're also including books in your research.

    There are many authors addressing this issue, - Peter Singer, Jim Mason, Carol Adams, John Robbins and Jeffrey Masson are among the best. I write about such things in my books as well.

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