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Hey I live in the U.K.
We've got what you'd call 'free from' stuff which helps to find delicious vegan foods that are alternatives to animal products.
You’d need Disney-level imagination to believe the UK (who say say they are all about animal welfare) can produce more than 10bn eggs each year that they say are 'free range' without actually inconveniencing any chickens. By slapping “free range” on the label, and perhaps a nice pastoral scene with a few chickens roaming free, most consumers never realise how the eggs came to be in the box.
What hell we put them through: hens in the wild lay just 20 eggs per year but modern farms with high protein feed and near-constant lighting push them to lay closer to 500 eggs annually. Their exhausted bodies are then discarded within months – routinely sent to slaughter having lived less than one-tenth of their natural lifespan.

Then there's the lifetime of pregnancies for cows, helplessly artificially inseminated in order to produce milk for their babies who are torn away from them, breaking that special bond just so that humans can drink her milk. Males to be painfully and brutally slaughtered at a few days for veal or painfully castrated and raised for beef. And no.. humane slaughter is an oxymoron. You can't kill someone humanely who doesn't want to die! This is a savage way to treat such gentle creatures.

I am a person who tries to be open minded. I understand that life's not perfect and that veganism isn't exactly for everyone. I am not what someone would call the nearest to 100% vegan however where I can I do choose vegan options ALOT of the time, where I am not being forced by my parents occasionally to eat animal products like at a relative's house or whatever. I love vegan foods.

I feel extremely bad because for my sixth form prom I had forgotten to tell the staff about the fact that I preferred to eat Vegan (otherwise known as a 'dietary requirement' to them just like a Glucose intolerant). I didn't want to cause trouble but when I was given a meat dish i politely told the waiters+waitresses that I preferred to refrain from meat and dairy, and eat Vegan ..they were like gee why didn't I tell them beforehand because of course it was kind of a trouble when it was a little last notice.

Anyway so basically when the dish arrived, it was all good until I realised I had the same dish as my vegetarian friend. I didn't want to complain but I felt my heart was wrenched a little. As I scanned through the sun dried tomatoes, peppers and pesto pasta, I just knew that there was a lot of cheese on my plate. Cheese from a cow... cheese that had been made from the milk of a cow.. milk that was supposed to feed a baby cow. Cows have to be pregnant to produce milk. For every piece of Non vegan cheese or spoonful of yoghurt, babies are torn from their mothers. And the process is gross. It's more than just a stomach ache. It's exploitation. It kind of makes me disgusted.

How the hell could a calf survive long enough without her mother's milk? This milk that we steal from cows is the precious substance for baby cows not us. Countless baby cows are dragged from their mothers and this is what leads to the veal industry. The males go to be veal or otherwise beef and the females are raised to produce a lifetime of milk. How dare we steal milk from these gentle creatures? I thought to myself.

I hardly ate my meal that night because of the dreaded thought that rushed through my head. Why does life have to be so cruel for all those unfortunate beings out their whether human or animal and we participate in their suffering. There is so much evil in this world. And we should do what we can to make the slightest difference. But if you were to choose dairy over meat, what is the reason for doing so, because aren't they sort of equal and dairy includes more suffering? Wouldn't it be best to try and avoid both, as much as you can? I know that people may not be exactly able to be strict enough to follow a diet that has understandable obstacles.Veganism is about progress not perfection. To do what you can to hurt less. I understand that there are many others things however that cause suffering to others, not just animal products, but i just thought it could be the least one could do to not hurt those who are the most abused exploited and vulnerable in this world, especially animals who are voiceless and extreme victims of abuse. (If you've watched Earthlings and had enough empathy to put yourself in their situation, you'd know what I mean) ...Any thoughts about it all? Thanks guys. I just feel a little sad right now about what things are happening in the world and I'm also already stressed out because exams are around the corner thus so far I'm a little drained out.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 05/15/17 05:28:32

    Some people basically do not understand the question about vegan food options.. once in subway i asked for milk alternative for coffee and guest what i got?cream tea!!!!

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