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The modern agriculture foundation is a non-profit organization, working to promote research in the field of cultured meat.
We believe that cultured meat can potentially change the human food culture tremendously. Today, the meat, dairy and egg industries are among the major contributors to climate changes; they consume huge amounts of valuable resources such as energy and fresh water; contribute to the outbreak of pandemics as swine flu, and are the cause of deaths of billions of animals every year.

Cultured meat has the ability to change this reality. Meat could become environmentally friendly, healthier and more ethical.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 02/28/15 14:07:18

    Personally, I'd have no interest in eating meat of any kind - cultured or not - but if it will reduce the amount of animal suffering world I'm strongly in favor of the idea.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/01/15 07:12:16

    My first response when learning about "cultured meat" years ago was, - why replace something we don't need to eat at all?

    The cultured meat will have most of the nutrients found in animal flesh, but of course will still be lacking in fiber and various nutrients that cannot be obtained by eating flesh in any form.

    Of course this does not address the problem of the people who live by subsistence hunting, or the billion plus who face starvation every day, and will eat anything they can get their hands on.

    And of course, Lester Browne's latest "State of the World" report informs us that one half the world's human population will likely be facing starvation in the next few decades because of Global Warming and perpetual warfare.

    So sadly, laboratory created foods may soon be our only way to feed most people.

    Of course another way would be to make humans into ground meat as they die, as in the classic movie, "Soylent Green".

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