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Hey I'm from the UK and newly Vegan so... new to all this stuff.
Making a coffee with instant stuff from jars with soy milk isn't really cutting it for me meaning I tend to walk to my local coffee shop chain for a decent soy latte. However I'd like to save some money and make them at home so obviously... I need a coffee machine.

Now all the people I know who own them have the type of machine that requires pods/capsules that already have milk powder in.
What kind of coffee machine do I need to be buying where I can obviously use my own soy milk? Or are there even soy milk pods available?

Thanks guys.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/30/15 14:21:34

    I don't drink lattes, but I have a keurig machine, and you can make an espresso and add your soymilk creamer, and etc. I use silk soy creamer, and its thick enough that I like it. I drink the keurig as a regular coffee but it always comes out stronger than using a regular drip machine. Hope this helps.

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    Posted by AndyT at 06/30/15 22:49:15


    In my opinion the best way to get good espresso is to get a semi-automatic portafilter espresso machine and a good grinder. The initial investment is higher, but the coffee beans are very cheap. Of course, "automatic" machines (grind the coffee and brew it once you push the button) also would do that.

    However, if you only want to drink one espresso / cappuccino a day/week, this is likely overkill. In that case, a capsule / pod machine would be good.

    Now, most of the systems I know also have cartridges that do not have the milk added. The most expensive (and arguably best) systems, the Nespresso and Lavazza Espressopoint systems, do not offer the option of milk in the cartridge at all, it's only for the coffee.

    I am personally using a "Dolce Gusto" (Nestle, cheaper system below "Nespresso") machine, and here's the catch. Yes, you can also get the "espresso" box that has 18 capsules of only coffee. However, most supermarkets only carry the "Cappuccino", "Chai Latte", "Cafe Caramel" etc. boxes that have 9 capsules of coffee and 9 capsules of milk/sugar mix inside. If you consider why that might be the case, do the math and look up how much a kg of coffee costs, as opposed to the cost of a kg of milk powder and sugar.

    So you would have to find a shop near you that sells the "coffee only" boxes or order them online from the manufacturer or on amazon.

    I must however add, that I am, in addition, using also my "real" espresso machine that I use for foaming my soymilk. (To be precise, my wife likes her Americano from the capsules, while I like my cappuccino made the traditional way)

    The Dolce Gusto machine does not have that feature (most espresso machines do have it). But there are some "milk foamers" like the Nespresso Aeroccino and cheaper compatible products, that do a great job.

    Hope that helps, if you have further questions, just ask :-)

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    Posted by Maxims at 03/01/16 21:13:37

    I would recommend upgrading to something that will give you more freedom to prepare your coffee but also will cost a bit more for your budget. As a true coffee lover I would have to say you can either stick with French press coffee machines or get something automatic like some DeLonghi models. I currently have a BRUS french press, they are not expensive, though you can check from many different options on list like this: . Amazon also has many french press highly rated, I just recommend not bargaining that much as cheap french press jars are known to provide dirty coffee.

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    Posted by monikamahler at 05/27/16 12:29:24

    My first response is "Give me some coffee and no one gets hurt" :)

    Well I really like when people are discussing about coffee and coffee machine. I have few friends(all are ladies) who love to drink different coffee at different places. One of my friend name Liza went to China and she learned some tips of green coffee. She made that coffee for us and trust me that was not the best taste, Awwww. Coz I don't like green tea :p

    My another friend Maria took me to a new coffee shop in our city and we ordered Hausbrandt Coffee Espresso and belive me this time it was awesome and amazing. The mixture of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans Torrefazione Hausbrandt with Super Bar succeeded very well, the taste for us, It was like we were in some nicest place on this world.

    I went this place many time with my Man to spend some good time with Coffee. I must say, enjoy your life and try to drink every coffee.

    Also try to travel :)

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    Posted by Caroline812 at 10/25/16 12:53:01

    I have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine but all I can drink is black coffee cos everything else is milk-based :( Nescafe do have a soy milk pods for their Dolce Gusto cappuccino but it's not available to buy in the UK so after a lot of moaning i've decided to start a petition to help bring dairy-free pods to our coffee machines. Please help by signing the petition

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    Posted by yafrankpaul at 02/05/17 10:16:18

    A milk frother is among the best additions you can have in your kitchen, especially if you enjoy your mug of coffee. Coffee gone creamy white froth is always such a treat at any perfect time. But for this to happen, you would craving to get a frother therefore you can with enjoy delectable milk just as soon as you in imitation of it. A milk frother spins let breathe into a milk cup, creating whipped cream taking into account froth that you can add to your coffee top.

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    Posted by quichentell at 02/22/17 05:37:22

    It's awesome

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    Posted by MMills at 03/15/17 01:58:13

    If you want to make real espresso for cheap and don't really care what the machine looks like, take a look at the Rancilio Silvia. It is THE entry level espresso machine that has decent internals and a proper copper grouphead. It also has a milk stretching wand

    Also factor a nice grinder (a second hand Mazzer Mini if you can stretch $ that far) and you're set to never need a coffee shop again!

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    Posted by SimonMarcellino at 03/22/17 09:16:42

    Great coffee doesn't happen without right tools,The Hario V60 is outstanding! Great for small batches or individual cups of coffee. So well made and designed.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/18/17 21:04:13

    I have melitta coffee machine, i put my own milk bottle aside it and it pumps me foam into mug. only one con of it that manufacturer do not recommend to use flavoured coffee beans ;///

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