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A few weeks ago i found out that despite what the coca-cola company says and writes many of their products and the products of companies they own they are not vegan or vegetarian friendly outside of the USA. Their soda contains a fish product designed to stabilize the soda, yeilding the 'foam head' we are so familiar with. Even more frustrating is coca-cola's attitude which is that of 'its only a little bit, it wont do them any harm.' this is an attitude which undermines the morals and principles which most vegans and vegetarians stand for. The coca-cola company has a history of dishonesty. This includes coca-colas alleged 'secret ingredient which was the cochineal beetle dye. This is commonly known as carmine and is made from the husks of dead cochineal beetles. Carmine is still used as a red dye in many food products. After their secret was out they reformed their recipe and have excluded addition of the beetle, however the fish remains. These are just some of the things to watch out for. many additives and food contents come from animals though they are not apparent from the names given to them. extensive lists of the products with their names and descriptions are available online and lists of non-vegan/vegetarian suitable products owned by the coca-cola company can be found on their website under FAQ.

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    Posted by Chia at 08/20/07 00:16:05

    Thanks for sharing. I do not drink coca-cola and would not buy anything from their companies. To me, they are just another multi-national corporation looking to make a killing for profits. Isn't that so?

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    Posted by emama at 08/20/07 14:57:42

    thanks for sharing this...i had no idea that this was going on! i used to be such a die hard fan of them too, sad day well thank again for shining some light

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    Posted by AnotherFinch at 08/22/07 17:20:10

    So they ARE vegan inside the USA, or are they not? Not that I drink coke, I don't, it's disgusting.

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    Posted by Terry B. at 08/29/07 21:32:47

    Do you have a link to the lists of "non-vegan/vegetarian suitable products" that is listed in their FAQ? I have been trying to find it though all that I have come up with is a statement that "The Coca-Cola Company contain ingredients derived from mammals or poultry......suitable for consumption by members of the Muslim community" which certain doesn't sound like a denial or even full understanding of the situation though doesn't say what specifically is non-suitable.

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    Posted by vesalius123 at 08/30/07 07:31:17

    A list of unsuitable coca-cola owned drinks can be found on the second half of their FAQ, the link is
    and a good list of non-vegan/vegetarian friendly products can be found on this link:

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    Posted by Rawie at 08/30/07 14:47:12

    fantastic information! I forwarded the information to my family and friends. Though, it has been many years since i have sip'd a soda, people ask me what is vegan and at times just reading the label is not enough. thanks for the info...

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    Posted by vesalius123 at 09/18/07 16:26:57

    yes as far as i know they are vegan in the USA.

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    Posted by mkbehr at 09/14/07 15:11:49

    So they are veg friendly in the US? Did I read that correctly?

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