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This kind of info has been available for a while but is in the news again so for anyone unaware...

Feel like you're addicted to pizza? You might be. Cheese is as addictive as drugs, study reveals

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/26/15 11:28:57

    Well this is a problem I have struggled with up until about a couple of weeks ago, and I talked about it on this forum. However, I ordered something one day with lots of cheese after eating mostly vegan for a couple of weeks prior to that, and I soon manifested all of the symptoms of "lactose intolerance"...I know avoiding dairy can't make you lactose intolerant, but my mother could eat dairy less and less as she aged (around 50 she switched completely to soy or hemp milk) and I wondered if my avoiding of dairy just sped up the process, if my body made less and less lactase out of lack of neccesity. I have never been so happy to have stomach cramps in my entire life. I'm hoping this experience keeps me off the dairy, I'm trying to do as vegan as possible lately, but I'm going to keep my status as vegetarian until I can keep it up for six solid months.

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