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Hi my name is Dennis and me and my wife Gail just became vegetarians. We are getting most of our food from Shoprite but they dont have alot of selections. We are from north new jersey in the morris, warren county area. We want to find stores in our area where they have alot of vegetarian selections. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Posted by yomal at 12/13/07 13:49:56

    i know it may be writin on your nose, but making good food is to do it from scratch. get good recipes learn what you like & then start to play around with the concepts. there's allways beans & nuts, which is the basic protein sources for you now (brown rice has a lot of good proteins aswell). what you're missin out on is fastfood. soaking beans will take a night, you put them in water before you go to bed & they'le be good when you start making dinner, it takes a little planning but will taste better than canned beans(you can let them soak with different spices, play with it). learn to make falafel(deepfried chickpea-balls)it's easy and when you mastered it, try with lentils, soybeans or kidneybeans instead of chickpeas. if you stay vegetarian you will soon be one great chef. readymade food will never be as good as what you can make for yourself(not for meateaters either). when you've got some routine, it wouldn't take much time. trust your taste & play around. -yomal, from a small town in sweden with almost none readymade veg-food. no worries

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    Posted by Aardy at 01/01/08 02:26:45

    A change of eating habits means a change of life-style, I have discovered. Fast food or processed canned and frozen food from grocer is full of extra 'stuff' that is horrible for good health and done only for the profit of the processed food industry in the name of safety and long shelf-life. Dennis and Gail, just bite the bullet and cook for yourselves in quantity and freeze. I work full-time plus so it was a major hurtle to overcome but now in a rhythm with it by cooking in quantity and freezing in portions, on the weekends. It's worth it!!! You will see.

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    Posted by vegans3 at 01/01/08 11:41:19

    You might be surprised at what is sold at your local grocery store. So many people are becoming vegetarians, that stores are now stocking many vegan items. I, too, work full-time and have a busy life, but I have learned simple recipes and with time have managed to have healthy meals.

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