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+ Carl Scott plans to spend the next month cooped up in a cage in Otago but he reckons he'll still be better off than battery hens.

The 41-year-old vegan says that for conditions to be like the hens' living hell, he would need five or six more people in his cage, which is about 190cm across and 130cm high.

Mr Scott started his voluntary imprisonment on Tuesday, (March 29th) +


+ Although his preference is for people not to eat eggs, he accepts this is unrealistic, so he advocates outdoor free-range hens.

Yesterday, "day two", Mr Scott's morale was high, although he had a "sore bum" from his seat and hoped to secure a cushion. +

Carl's Facebook Page - support him -

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/03/11 19:07:08

    Please follow Carl via Facebook & share the link with friends -

    He writes -

    Facebook has become my valuable lifeline to the outside world. If you want to help me further please post the following on your wall.

    + "Battery hen farming if horrific and must be banned. Carl Scott, continues to sit inside a small cage on the roadside near Dunedin, to protest cruel battery cages. Please LIKE his page. The more people that hear about his protest the better." +
    "Not having known anything better does not alleviate the suffering of the animal. Its fundamental desires remain and it is the frustration of those desires that is a great part of its suffering. There are so many examples: the dairy cow who is never allowed to raise her young, the battery hen who can never walk or stretch her wings, the sow who can never build a nest or root for food in the forest litter, etc. Eventually we frustrate the animal's most fundamental desire of all - to live." - David Cowles-Hamar - the lead singer for the band 'The Bigger The God'. .

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