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Hello! I am vegetarian and I am always looking to learn of new ideas for various meals, but for now, breakfast in particular. It is important to eat a considerable amount of protein throughout the day, and I was hoping someone could give some ideas/​recipes/​alternatives for breakfast to increase my protein and try to avoid eggs (as I don't want to eat them),and offer something new. I am a firm believer in not replacing one thing with another - for example: meat with a meat substitute, and to have a lot of variety, and foods in their natural state (not cooked as much as possible). Any ideas or suggestions or books recommended?
Thank you for your time.

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    Posted by Chia at 05/10/07 15:45:41

    A small avocado is delicious by itself or with a piece or two of whole grain or nut & seed toast. You can also add to your cereal or oatmeal some dry roasted nuts (if you are not allergic) like almond. YUM.

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    Posted by Shelley at 05/11/07 18:21:30

    A great breakfast smoothy:

    approx. 1 cup soy milk
    approx. 1/4 cup tofu
    frozen or fresh blueberries

    I liquefy this in my magic bullet. It's delicious. You can change the fruit. Banana and mango, orange, apple, acai. Or for a holiday taste, forego the blueberries and put a dash of nutmeg.

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/12/07 08:47:29

    hi friend, i just add a post about soy milk and tofu nomemade, i just made a word doc how to make quick soy milk and tofu with pictures,if u interesting ill be happy to send you

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    Posted by Nicholls at 05/16/07 15:37:24

    This is similar to something Chia said, but my cousin (only other vegan I know) eats peanut butter (natural) on her oatmeal. As well, this morning I had almond butter toast =D Another idea is hummus on a tortilla, then sprinkled with hemp seed nut, rolled like a burrito, toasted if you like, but it's not necessary. The idea is that with the nut (or any seed or nut you'd like) adds protein. Then again, you can even mix in nuts and seeds with your granola for breakast and sprinkle cereal with them.

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    Posted by Tom at 06/21/07 05:10:23

    Almond Butter slathered on a nice whole grain toast definitely ranks high on the list of great nutrition and great taste.
    Also a can of vegetarian baked beans, drained of the sugary liquid and heated, add a dollop of blackstrap molasses and a drop of mustard and stir well. Very tasty by itself or on toast. Very high in protein, iron, calcium, vitamin a and potassium. Blackstrap molasses is a superfood, one of the highest forms of iron available.

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