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Well in case you didn't know recently a fitness youtuber blogilates has been getting alot of vegan youtube videos taken down. She has been doing this by filing illegal false copyright claims. Specifically she is targeting those who have made videos criticizing her.

I was kind of surprised by this because the last couple of food videos she made were vegan recipes. But it's clear after this that she only made those video to capitalize on the "vegan trend". She only cares about money.

I doubt she hates vegans or veganism. But she obviously cares about money more than ethics or animals if she is willing to break the law to try and silence voices within veganism. Her workout videos are crap anyway and her diet advice is terrible. More information in the video if you want to know some details.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/01/16 06:49:59

    Apparently the person you describe has sold out to the M & D industries. This is not unusual as those industries have been battling against vegetarians for a over a century, especially in the recent half century when vegetarian/vegan philosophy began to blossom in the US...and they will pay authors to support their bloody work.

    The M & D industries have saturated the media (including books, movies, sitcoms, etc.) with lies, distortions and bad jokes about vegans.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 05/01/16 20:16:26

    Please stop spreading lies. I don't know if Freelee, DR, or who is making these threads...but it took me ten whole minutes to figure out this was about copyright infringement, not veganism.

    I mean I knew it couldn't be, since there are so many vegan channels that have nothing to do with Freelee that haven't been affected by this.

    It's not a war on vegans. Freelee made it about her, to draw attention to herself, and so many people are falling in the trap.

    I'm not defending Blogilates, I don't even watch her channel, but this is absurd.

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    Posted by AliciaDevault at 01/12/17 13:39:47

    I think she should be sued for providing improper health advice as it can adversely affect peoples health who follow her tips. The best thing to do would be to file a civil rights case against her so that she would stop posting such videos. Even my friend did the same thinf with the help of an experienced lawyer (Bechara Tarabay,,6.11309,2.27737,48.86395/Z8/ ) when she faced a similar problem.

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    Posted by herwin at 01/13/17 11:44:15

    No there is no war on veganism. no the media is not dishonest, although it might be biased. a person is free to do whatevet she or he want as a blogger that includes doing things for money.

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