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Hello everyone!! :)

So, I guess this is not too uncommon among vegans (I did research but everyone has a different lifestyle)

Here's my problem:
My stomach bloats. Not in the gassy way, I don't fart a lot(what a good intro, isn't it? ;D). But I mean bloating in the balloony way.
I am 19 and female, I think it's more common among females? (guessing from having seen more female youtubers talking about that problem)
Some information on my lifestyle:
I was a vegetarian at the age of 10 until I became vegan more than 2 years ago. There have never been any sudden and quick changes in my lifestyle resulting into problems. From being vegan I've gained many benefits, except for having had strong irregularities within my period, now it's more regular and I get my period every 6 weeks which I enjoy :) (went to 2 different gynecologists before who said that everything is fine)
Also my stomach would be super flat in the morning, but I know as soon as I eat something I have to wave goodbye to that flatness. And it's an unnatural type of bloating, not resulting of overeating. I always make jokes that I look 2 months pregnant when it's at it's fullest potential :D

I love, LOVE, oatmeal. I eat it everyday (up to 0,2lcup with soymilk, mostly in the morning). Could it be that my body needs some nutrients which oatmeal has? because I crave that stuff everyday. Anyway, besides that I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, also nuts, dried fruits, dates, beans, bread, and sometimes rice, soup and other cooked stuff. I don't eat a lot of cooked food. One could say I am a half raw-vegan, I just really like it simple and easy to prepare. The food tastes very yummy already the way it is to me. I do restrain myself from eating much food that is high in calories though, like bread, nuts, dates, rice. And I rarely eat unhealthy. In general I don't eat big meals, like a plate of rice with salad for example. I'd mix for example a little bit of rice with a little bit of salad and or other stuff and eat little portions during the day. That's just how I prefer it. (Another example for what I eat during a day would be: first meal like a cup of oatmeal+soymilk maybe a banana or apple to that, later a salad and maybe a small portion rice or bread. Some snacks, could be a few nuts, bread, one or two dates or fruits like grapes that are small etc. Doesn't sound much but I don't do sports and I mainly am on the pc/draw/read/ as a hobby so not much moving included.
I always try not to gain even a little bit of weight, though bloating like that makes me always feel like I might have eaten too much, and I know that I don't eat a lot but sufficient (sometimes more and sometimes less, just how I feel).
It's very uncomfortable to bloat like that, especially since I already have some body-image-issues( but nothing out of the ordinary) :) Someone suggested it's because I'm so worried about my weight that I bloat (like a mind-reaction thing) Still I want to hear your suggestions and meaning, since I know I won't be truly happy with my own body until I didn't lose 2-5 kg, which would make me 100%skinny. So if there are any methods/solutions to the bloating, I'd already be more than super happy
I am slim to normal, I don't do any sports though. My digestions works very fast, here some too much infromation ;-) I poop every morning, and often I'd poop 2 times a day and sometimes even 3 times. Wish my metabolism was that fast, but well I'm healthy that's nice enough! I know from former weight-loss-atempts (eating less or/and just very low-calorie-food) that I don't lose weight that easily. (Thoughh here I want to ask is it maybe because of my no-sports-lifestyle? Can you fasten up your metabolism? Could yoga help to lose weight? I might do yoga in the future because I actually like it, just don't feel like doing it any time soon. )

Ayyy, much text, sorry for that. I've had the problem for around half a year or mroe now and It's really bothering me.
I'd really appreciate anything, even if someone bothers to read it :)

Have a nice day!

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    Posted by happah10 at 11/08/17 00:46:55

    I consume a lot of liquids in breakfast in the form of fruit, soymilk and water. My stomach looks a little distended temporarily after breakfast but it goes down eventually.

    Is it temporary?

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    Posted by Humunuk at 11/08/17 17:28:03

    Hm well it calms down towards midnight and is gone by the next day before I've eaten something

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    Posted by happah10 at 11/09/17 01:15:17

    In other words it lasts all day.
    Have you tried any over the counter remedies for bloat?
    And have you taken body fat measurements?

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