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I understand that what makes a place good for one person doesn't necessarily make it good for another, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on what the community perceives as the best place for vegetarians and vegans to live.

Looking on Google, this was the best article I could find:

They were going by numbers of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and, unsurprisingly, the biggest cities in the country have the most (e.g. NYC, L.A., Houston). The large cities with the largest number of veg restaurants per capita were Portland, San Fran and L.A., while smaller cities that topped the charts included Santa Fe, Bend and Eugene OR, Boulder, and Ann Arbor.

Number of restaurants is interesting, but it isn't necessarily indicative of cultural values. If I were to guess, Oregon and California probably have cultures most supportive of veg living, but I've never been to Oregon and have only spent a brief time in Cali.

That's not to mention other factors; for instance, I understand there aren't very many sunny days in Portland, and traffic is bad. Ann Arbor has a harsh climate which might be tough for some people. I've heard the cost of living is very high in Portland and in most of California. It's probably tough to find a good job in Santa Fe or Boulder.

What do you all think about good places for vegetarians and vegans to live? And why?

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    Posted by eric at 01/02/18 00:36:51

    Hi Ecky, did you see our own article? It's based on specific stats and is / will be updated regularly:

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    Posted by Ecky at 01/02/18 14:22:43

    I did! It's a wonderful article, but it seemed to be limited to major cities. Portland has the smallest population on the list, with a metro area of ~2.2 million people.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/05/18 07:27:06

    Awesome question! As you said, there are so many factors that go into what makes a city "good" for vegans. I truly believe the number of veg and veg-friendly restaurants and grocery stores is the #1 indicator though. And for me, it's the key to happiness anywhere I'd live.

    After that, I think it's all personal preference. For example, I value nature so living close to mountains, oceans, wildlife, natural areas is something I crave. Other vegans may place a higher priority on living closer to the cultural opportunities offered in a big city. Still others may want to go wherever they can find the best paying job.

    Overall, I think there's truth in the lists you mentioned. San Fran, LA, Portland, Boulder, NYC .. heck yes. Vegan wonderlands.

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    Posted by Vege101 at 01/29/18 03:17:40

    Very interesting post Ecky,

    I'm from California, and its very accommodating of Vegans, plus there are many farms close to where I live so I have the luxury of getting fresh produce from the farm.

    Many Vegan restaurants are located in LA and if they are not entirely Vegan-they offer the gluten free and Vegan option.

    If you had to choose, which City would you relocate to-that's Vegan friendly?


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