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Hey guys! My best friend and I are looking to start our own business - a vegan cafe and wellness center - in the next 5-10 years. She is a culinary students and I a nutrition student. We want to bring veganism, both raw and cooked, to the world but in a way that welcomes omnivores and raw foodists alike. After all, good food is something all people can bond over, right?! Anyway, here's the issue: location. We grew up together in the Twin Cities. I am still here for school, whereas my partner in crime is currently living on the west coast. She says I should eventually move out there because it is so much more veg-friendly, especially around cities like Seattle and Portland.

What have y'all heard? Where would be the best place to start this kind of business? Any links or advice would be much appreciated.

Take care!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/21/11 07:57:31

    I would recommend any of these places -

    Ho Chi Minh City



    Phnom Penh


    Siem Reap

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    Posted by condekedar at 03/22/11 11:42:27

    Why not open something in the Twin Cities? I lived there for three years and was disappointed that the only vegan restaurant was Ecopolitan. There's huge demand for vegan food there as seen by the dozens of innovative vegan options at places like Pizza Luce, Galactic, Evergreen, Jasmine 26, etc.(that said, raw food is tapped out in the Twin Cities---aside from Ecopolitan, there's also Pure Market Express in Chaska, so doing a cooked food restaurant would be filling a less saturated niche).

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    Posted by alblaster at 05/05/11 14:02:58

    I would suggest some of the cities in Australia. Sydney is a good one, along with many others along the east coast.

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    Posted by Double Dare at 05/08/11 11:59:36

    I filled this in already but it didn't post, so I'll try again. I'd go for Leicester or Nottingham in England, but they are a bit far away from you.

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