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Hi, I unsuccessfully tried to become a vegetarian as a child. I have always been conscious and have been una le to eat any meat where there's is a bone in site. For the last two years I have worked in a developing country and during that time I have once again questioned eating meat. I have had some unfortunate experiences here with Animal welfare and I think in the UK it's a case of out of site out of mind. So far I have given up Pork (6 months) Lamb (6 months) and Beef (1 month). I only meat I now eat is Chicken. It occurred to me recently that I was still purchasing Leather shoes etc...How can I continue this? What is the general opinion on this? I am now trying to find alternatives...

Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards, James

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/15/16 13:40:14

    There are literally hundreds of books out there addressing the advantages of a vegan philosophy and lifestyle.

    Regarding chicken...they are not health food, and life is a horror for factory farmed chickens. Read one of Karen Davis' books, "Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs" or "Instead of Chicken, instead of Turkey".

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    Posted by arb84820 at 12/15/16 18:41:42


    I think you are doing great so far!
    You are doing your best and sounds like you are already very close. I would suggest you seek out meat substitutes, many of which you would not be able to tell the difference.

    Also keep in mind that chicken contains arsenic as well as the other hormones, anti-biotics, and chemicals (

    Also, for eggs it is illegal in the US to make the claim that they are healthy. So from a health and ethical perspective there is no reason to keep them in your diet.

    My advice - You are doing great in transitioning, keep up the good work. Seek out substitutes and if you have any questions join the Happycow chat, we would love to talk with you and provide more specific feedback!

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    Posted by Biancasbud at 12/15/16 19:28:46

    Hi James!

    I think you're doing great too. It isn't easy changing life long habits in a world that is geared to the opposite. I would suggest joining a vegan challenge. Go to or google www dot challenge22+ dot com It Is a 22 day challenge with a very supportive and nonjudgemental group of mentors, and dietitians in private group that can provide suggestions, alternatives, recipes, and moral support. Everyone in the group's is either trying to be vegan or already vegan for some time. You can ask any questions and get quick answers and its all free. It's a great program and I really enjoy being a part of it. I know it has literally helped hundreds if not thousands become vegan. Good luck. I wish you all the best in your progress to a cruelty free life!

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    Posted by James87 at 12/18/16 17:44:10


    Thanks for the responses. I will look at the Vegan challenge. I am moving back to the UK next week so will have a lot more food options available to me. I will get a some recipe books as well so I can keep it interesting.

    Thanks again.

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