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Recently I read about scientific studies claiming that there are many disadvantages of eating animal products..
-that we aren't supposed to drink the milk of another species..
-that we do not have an acidic stomach (though carnivores do) to digest meat..
-that we are very similar to herbivores (we have teeth for grinding, not canine teeth for tearing meat)..
-that we have no claws (though carnivores do)..
-that meat isn't designed for us which is why we cook it rather than eat it raw..
-that many people are lactose intolerant
-that the stress hormones of the animal are passed to us..

Yet somehow despite all of this,for some reason advertisements and nearly all people say that animal products are good for us... are these just false claims that people so passionately put forward for industry or are they scientifically accurate....

Is cow's milk really that good for the bones? Also are plants better to eat than animals because many are given hormones as well to grow at an unnatural rate, according to my mum they're not that healthy or natural... um what to say to that :/ surely not that bad, mum... as the hormones put into animals.

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    Posted by QuothTheRaven at 04/02/16 06:47:39

    Cows milk is created for one purpose, that is to feed their children, not humans. It's actually extremely bad for us. Think of it this way, cows milk is meant to grow a baby calf into a 2000 pound cow. Milk is actually really bad for us for many reasons. It actually depletes calcium from our body.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/03/16 05:24:55



    Cows are not meant to serve as wet nurse slaves for un-weaned humans.

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