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Hi, I would very much appreciate the opinion of vegans who do not eat honey about a product line we are developing for our company Hnina ( We make healthy gourmet dark chocolate and sprouted nuts and seeds truffles. We need your advice whether to make our Vegan line also Raw. We make 3 lines, none of which use dairy. 1. Standard, raw cacao and sprouted nuts and seeds which are slightly roasted and sweetened with raw honey & maple syrup. We add pure Vanilla and no other ingredients, preservatives or additives. 2. Raw, same as standard but the nuts remain raw (not roasted), and 3. Vegan, where we only sweeten with pure maple syrup. The question is: Should we roast the nuts or keep them raw in the Vegan line? Raw provides additional health benefits, but roasting allows for longer shelf life and for many adds a taste and texture they like. So what would you prefer? We are trying to figure out what portion of no-honey vegans are also raw foodists. The three answers would be: Raw, Roasted, or Doesn't matter. Please elaborate if you have insight on what your other no-honey vegan friends would prefer. Thanks so much for helping us decide. If you're intrigued and want to try our chocolate, please use coupon code prom20 for 20% off. Thank you and nothing but the best, Ron

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    Posted by earthville at 05/04/15 22:15:07

    Hello Ron,

    Thanks for posting here. It's nice that you are including at least one vegan product in your product line.

    In response, here are a few things to consider:

    1. The definition of "vegan" is "not using or consuming (or causing to be consumed) any animal products or products that have been tested on animals." Since honey is an animal product (insects are animals, not vegetables or minerals), it is redundant to say "vegans who do not eat honey." By definition, a vegan does not eat honey. (There do exist in the world some people who eat honey and still call themselves vegans, but only because they don't understand the meaning of the word, e.g. they take it to mean only non-dairy vegetarian, which is not the case.)

    2. Most vegans do not follow a strictly raw food diet. It's a very small minority (and varies a lot by region). There are, however, many vegans who are making an active effort to include more raw food in their diets, so there is a certain appeal for raw.

    3. Be advised that a significant proportion of vegans (sometimes referred to as "ethical vegans" or "compassionate vegans") make efforts to buy products only from companies that do no trade in animal products at all, so as not to contribute in any way to an economy that profits from the suffering of animals. In other words, while some vegans will be happy to buy a vegan product from a non-vegan company, others will tend to buy only from vegan companies (those that do not use or sell any animal products).

    Best wishes!

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    Posted by RonKenan at 05/05/15 19:20:52

    Thanks for your insight Earthville

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