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Does anyone know if you can get real -vegan- food anywhere at Sheremetyevo airport (Moscow)?


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    Posted by batski at 02/23/10 18:38:08

    Hasn't anyone been there? Well I guess will just have to find out for ourselves tomorrow.

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    Posted by Stevie at 02/24/10 02:56:38

    Hi Batski,

    My apologies for not replying sooner, I wish I had seen your posting.

    Its a couple of years since I've been to Sheremetyevo but I would assume the worst. My experience of Russia is that it is very tough for veg*ns with the exception of the occasional oasis. If I was to travel to / from Russia I would take plenty of food with me to cover me for the journey.

    How did you get in?

    Keep well,

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    Posted by Peace ... at 05/06/10 20:07:18

    I guess writing to the airport to check on such info would be good and it also provide very good feedback to the airports which is their customer's need :)

    Ideally, ALL airports in the World should considered having veg*n eateries, if not all non-eateries should have a good Veg*n Menu.

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    Posted by Asi911 at 03/15/17 12:35:13

    7 years later.. same question
    Looks like I will have to eat fries at Burger King..


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    Posted by ItalianChick at 12/19/17 07:21:23

    ***Update December 2017!***
    There is vegan food to be found at Moscow airport. In Terminal D, right beside Burger King, there is a cafe that has some vegan food options. The cafe is called SHOKOLADNITSA or Шоколадница in Russian.

    More info on the airport website:

    You would not find them, if you did not know about them, because they are only listed in the menu book they give you once seated. These are the vegan options:

    *Vegan salad
    *Vegan fajta
    *Vegan falafel wrap
    *Vegan noodle dish
    *Vegan cookie.

    All their coffee drinks can also be made with soy or almond milk. Please ask and confirm.

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