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i have been interested in vegetarianism for years, but lazily so. until recently, it was a matter of my affection for animals, but at the dinner table, i sucked it up and pretended my steak was a mushroom.

more recently, my interest has turned more global, to sustainability, economy, and conservation, and i am trying harder than ever to remove meat as the staple of my diet to an occasional indulging, to humoring relatives who fix it, to not consuming it at all.

i am inspired my online friends who have no yard for their own veggie garden, but retired coffee tins and trash cans make perfectly suitable homes for their roots, and weekly trips to the farmers market are just a bikeride away.

i have a yard, but the dog digs up the garden, and funds are low in terms of fencing, and i live in the land of "convenience," walmarts and winn dixies rather than local markets with fresh, non-waxed, non-pesticide-treated veggies.

and worst of all, everything i know is meat. i am surrounded by meat. ALL of my recipes are meat-infested, and they are my husband's mother's and grandmothers, the stuff he was raised on and refuses to give up- please, good meat substitute suggestions are more than welcome. when he started dieting, he noticed i was substituting turkey for beef, and initially hated it, but now prefers it, or at least doesn't mind it. so i'm hoping to find a similar reaction. but, my daughter's eczema flared badly after trying a soy-laden soy is out.

there is not a soul near me who is interested in eating non-meat...including myself, sorta.

i was the kid who NEVER ate the veggies- mashed potatoes was about as close as i ever got, and they'd better be slimed up real good with gravy.

but i have been able to wean myself, and more impressively, my family (3 young'uns who once LOVED mcd's) from fast food altogether. it went from being convenient, to an occasional craving, to, good god that's disgusting, why and how did we EVER eat it!!

so i thought i could shift us to veggies in a similar way.

but i am utterly clueless as to how to get going- i don't know how to or am too lazy to figure out this whole "veggie storage" thing- meat? i pop it in the freezer till ready to use, and i know just how long it will stay "fresh," not rotten.

my veggies usually go by the wayside before we have a chance with them, often puzzling me, since the story is usually, jeez, i just bought them two days ago.

and...again, i hate veggies. i tell myself when i go to bed at night, okay, you're going to eat fruit for breakfast, nuts for a mid morning snack, beans for lunch, more nuts later, and lots of veggies for supper...but i wake up, and it's groundhogs day...the same as yesterday. every day. i just can't make myself want to eat veggies...

but i'm trying!

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    Posted by apetro at 08/02/08 09:58:44

    hi, i am a new vegetarian and it has actually been pretty easy for me. there are some really informed people on this forum that will be able to give you some great advice. personally it has helped to get into a habit to get online first thing every morning and check out a video or a story about factory farming. seriously, if your will power is weak but it is truly something you want to do then the disgust factor should ruin your appatite for meat. i think in your case it should be a slow process, maybe starting by finding some good subs for your morning meal. one thing (in my opinion) is that your habits must change and your lifestyle will change. your shopping habits and meal planning habits must change. but if you take it one day at a time and one meal at a time you will be successful. it also helps me to go to the store only once a week, stick to my list, then when a craving or something hits my choices are limited to what is in the house. i thought giving up eggs would be hard but one day i was eating a boiled egg and was reading the forums and they were talking about chicken factorys and eggs being a chickens period and that done me. maybe my weak stomache has made it easier for me. right now i am a vegetarian off cartons of milk and eggs, i say cartons cause i am still eating foods processed with these items. like i said one meal and one day at a time.
    good luck!

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