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Went Vegan 10 days ago and also started working out and running 8 weeks ago; averaging about 9 miles total a week along with some calisthenics and stretching.
Only backslid about 5 times by eating 2 eggs, fist full of cheese, but no meats whatsoever.
As of today, haven't lost a single pound.
Did I perhaps lose 2 lbs but put on 2 lbs of muscle? Still looks like I should have lost 5 lbs at least.
Staying with it. Am i doing something wrong??

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/21/16 05:33:17

    Have patience. Ten days is a very short time to expect big results.

    But be aware that a vegan diet can also be fattening...depends on what and how much vegan food one eats...and there's quite a substantial amount of fat in those eggs and cheese.

    By the way, eggs are not vegetables or fruit...they are properly listed in the "meat" category, and milk is not plant food either, - many nutritionists call it "liquid meat".

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    Posted by DavyKOTWF at 03/21/16 18:46:49

    Thanks I will be patient. In it for the long haul. May I was eating too many almonds.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 03/23/16 20:38:35

    yes too many nuts can be a bad thing and i agree with milk and dairy products not being vegetarian. vegan and vegetarian should mean the same thing. there is nothing vegetarian about dairy. it`s a marketing strategy for the dairy industry. they are stunting the growth of true vegetarianism. there are so many ways it can hold you back and it is holding back the plant-based movement. please ditch the dairy and give it more than ten days.

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    Posted by HighCedarPress at 03/24/16 12:15:59

    Always be careful with nuts- they are very high in calories

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    Posted by anahidscv at 03/28/16 12:13:17

    Just by giving up cheese, I lost 5 lbs. So yes, dairy and eggs which are not plant based foods, can make a big difference. I am only 5 feet tall so it did make a big difference for me.

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    Posted by Chillincat at 03/28/16 18:10:12

    Vegan diet won't make you lose weight. Eat 4 or 5 small meals a day that include protein. Make sure it's healthy..just because it is vegan doesn't mean it is healthy. Fresh air and sunshine plus 8 hours sleep will help as well. I was a skinny vegetarian. ...over weight mostly vegan. Good luck!

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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/26/16 08:45:14

    Focus on health. The weight loss will come with time. Don't overexcercise. Read How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger. Yiou are building a long term lifestyle that will improve your health for the rest of your life, and erasing some old bad habits.

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