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I've only been vegetarian for a little less than a year and haven't been able to bring myself to eat any fake/faux meat. I've bought tofu, soy crumbles, fake chicken, etc. and have ended up throwing it away because I can't make myself eat it. I get grossed out thinking about it.

I really want to rotate some faux meat in to my diet, so that I can have more variety and add more protein. Does anyone have suggestions as what might be a good starting point for me??? Help!

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/04/09 11:10:13

    Tofu is not a fake meat. I get those who can't eat the fakin bacon and other stuff like that. But tofu is a food in and of itself, not a meat emulation. Tempeh is not a fake meat either. Try making your own seitan, there is likely a recipe in the section on this site. You can even try making your own tofu. Tofu, when I tried to make it at least over 10 yrs ago, was hard for me. Though it did not come out well, like the pro stuff, it was very educational and an eye opening experience. So eat tofu and tempeh w confidence that it is not fake shrimp or whatever. Its soy and folks have been eating it forever.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/04/09 13:33:40

    May I also ask...what is it that is grossing you out about it?

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    Posted by britts425 at 08/04/09 17:24:54

    I have to say the best faux chicken is made by Quorn. If you want fake meatballs try Garden burger and fake hamburgers try the All American by Boca Burger.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/05/09 11:26:27

    britt, all the items you mentioined I believe are not vegan. if trying fake meat for the first time, might as well go vegan first...

    Nate's meatballs, italian style people give props
    Boca vegan
    forget the fake chix, i don't buy those items often, but I have been fed them at various points... believe quorn is far from vegan...

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/05/09 15:29:20

    Quorn is definitely not vegan.

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    Posted by stormy_dawn at 08/06/09 13:10:38

    I have tried a lot of fake meats, it doesn't matter what they claim, nothing tastes like the real thing. Boca burgers are pretty much the only thing I like. Tofu is also great! I eat lots of stir fry veggies with tofu, or tofu fruit smoothies!

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    Posted by funchy at 08/16/09 09:21:23

    None of them taste or have the texture of real meat (thankfully!)

    I enjoy them. I wish they weren't called "meats", but I can see where it would be hard to get people to notice them otherwise.

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    Posted by Tom at 09/17/09 12:34:50

    I don't ever refer to any of those items as "fake" meats, to me that's just a way for the carnos to make us feel like our food choices are inferior, or not authentic. I always call them veggie-meats, which is an accurate description. The word "meat" was originally defined as "anything not drank" or something along those lines, it was not a reference to things only derived from animals.
    Nate's meatless meatballs (which we call "wheatballs" in our sphere) are excellent. Soyrizo is a delicious veggie-chorizo. Field Roast makes a variety of great foods, all derived from wheat and veggies, their Italian links and Celebration Roast are incredible. Tofurky hickory smoked deli slices are delishness !

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    Posted by Yoshi at 09/18/09 06:31:25

    I really don't care much for mock meats myself, nothing against them, it's just that most of them taste like dog food. Even when I was a meat eater I didn't eat much meat. However, I have to agree with Tom when it comes to Field Roast products, there "sausages" and their Celebration Roast are excellent. Maybe I'll grill some this weekend...

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    Posted by hev at 11/09/09 19:43:20

    Hi just wondering where you guys are based? I've never heard of field roast products... I'm in Vic Australia.also does anyone have a good recipe for Seitan, I used to have an Indian Vegetarian restaurant that did brilliant seitan... but it closed down :( I've tried the one out of vegan planet... but wasn't good (could be operator error of course!)

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/10/09 09:09:34

    I live in California and Field Roast products are pretty easy to find here, but I think they are based out of the US.

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    Posted by sfliberal at 11/12/09 14:34:42

    Some of my favorite foods use Seitan/Wheat Gluten/Fake Meat. From Sesame Meatless Chicken, to Vegan Wings, to Seitan Sandwiches, to Vegan Meatballs, Veggie ham in Pho. I guess I am spoiled living in San Francisco with so many options. Layonna (Oakland-based) makes the best fake meats in my opinion.

    The key is to be rational and understand that it isn't actually animal meat, but wheat gluten/seitan. Fake meats are one of the best ways to get other people to convert so I think it is great if Vegans/Vegetarians support its success.

    Hail Seitan!

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    Posted by eric at 11/25/09 10:43:34

    Field Roast products taste great but I just found out their sausages are "...steamed in their package. This is in place of molds that other companies use". Cooking in plastic scares me a bit.

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    Posted by Stephanie394 at 12/23/09 20:36:02

    I've found my fake meats in mostly Asian Food warehouses in New Zealand. They are made mostly of soy from what I can tell. There is a really good black bean steak which is nice. I like to put vegie meats in stir frys so the flavour is kind of reduced by the stir fry sauce.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/01/10 05:32:29

    I once tried fake chicken and could not eat it. I knew that it was vegan, but I still could not stand the taste of it.

    However, as far as fake 'sausages' go, I like some of these quite a bit, but I do not know how a 'real' sausage tastes after being vegetarian for 20 years. My kids, unfortunately, tell me that they don't taste like 'real' sausages and sometimes refues to eat them :-(

    If I were you, I'd try some of the soy granulate that you can use like hamburger meat to make burgers or vegan bolognese yourself. Actually, that stuff is much more convenient than 'real' hamburger meat, as you can keep it in an unrefrigerated closet for months and soak in water before preparing.

    Best regards,

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