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All the active ingredients in Advil are synthetic and thus vegan. The only non vegan ingredients are beeswax as the suspension or stabilizer that keeps the chemicals together as a pill, and insects used in the red coloration. Who wants to eat insects? Who wants to eat beeswax?

I know such pharmaceutical corporations have a horrible history with animal experimentation. Those that perpetrated such acts and the governments that made such acts mandatory and those that lobbied for such governmental mandates have much to be accountable for in this world and the next.

However, when one is repairing from surgery, dentistry, root canals, sever pain and sever chronic pain, usually people buy such products. I prefer herbal supplements due to the side effects of pharmaceuticals, but if the pain is bad enough people will seek releif.

Because Advil has succumbed to advertising operatives who claim psychological data reports show the color red to increase sales, they are willing to feed fellow human beings bugs to eat. Beetles provide the color red for their pills at the expense of their lives.

Beeswax is part of a large honey beeswax industry that not only enslaves bees, but when pollen is collected, to improve expediency, the bees loose their legs. This bee abuse is happening at a time in history when there is a major bee shortage verging on an ecological disaster. Beeswax is not considered digestible food.

To help Advil go vegan, simply go to their web site and follow the procedure revealed by the contact link and give them an email.

If Advil went vegan, their product could be universally digested by all people. They could increase their sales by getting Vegan certification, Kosher certification, Halal certification and become a true health remedy. Serving bugs and beeswax undermines the concept of health remedy.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/05/17 11:14:13

    It may be that the beeswax is a final polish on the pills and not a stabilizer.

    In any case, who wants to ingest any beeswax?

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