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I was vegan for a year and was forced to stop since I lost weight. (Very depressed and anxious over that time frame because of isolation) and so yeah they said either I go eat meat or get sent to a hospital
They called me anorexic and stuff and angered me because I'm clearly not, I can down a box of Oreos but morally do not want to consume meat or dairy. I've talked to them about it and it's a no go. They refuse and won't give me a chance. I am pretty educated on it but in that time period I had no appetite and YEAh. I feel like I lost my purpose and I care so deeply about animals. They won't buy me beans and stuff, I was lucky enough to get oats and my dad gets so mad even when I eat something like ricE!!! It's so Aggrivating and honestly I feel so lost, I hate I'm contributing to this. The only thing I can really do is not eat it, and try to find something later without them knowing because of their ways. I'm so passionate about this but they don't care and made up their minDs. Any advice? Talking to them isn't an option? And I'm only 14 so I can't get a job just yet :(

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/11/16 00:54:33

    Hmm. A few thoughts..
    Do you have a friend who's house you could eat at most of the time? Can you eat vegan at school and it's only a problem at home?

    Do you think if you asked your parents for "one more try" maybe they would go for it? You said they were upset because you lost weight, maybe make a deal with them that if you stay the same or gain weight, they will let you stay vegan. (Mind you, a little weight loss while switching diets is normally no big deal. What matters if that you're eating a well-balanced vegan diet. But since it sounds like you're parents won't listen to reason, I'm just trying to think of something that may persuade them.). IF THEY SAY YES, be sure part of the deal is that you control the vegan menu. I have absolutely no doubt they will not know how to eat healthy as a vegan. And eating healthy will be a must for you. If you are going to try to maintain or gain weight, you will need to eat certain vegan foods and they can't get in the way of that.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/11/16 00:56:37

    If you bought them a book that explained the health benefits of a vegan diet, do you think they'd read it?

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    Posted by Bringmethepasta at 12/11/16 01:39:56

    #1. I've tried. I can eat vegan at school, but for dinner they make non vegan foods and refuse to let me veganize it. They are not okay with a second chance :( I tried so hard.

    #2 no, they simply don't care aswell.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/12/16 17:46:32

    Hmm. What about a vegan meal delivery service? And here's where the best idea yet comes in.. use the power of Christmas! For real, tell them that FOR CHRISTMAS you want to join Veestro or another vegan meal delivery service. These meals are all nutritionally balanced, so your parents will not need to be concerned about you eating a balanced diet. It will happen automatically with these meals. And your parents won't have to be "inconvenienced" with shopping for you or preparing your meals because these meals are delivered to your front door.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/12/16 17:48:35

    Check out the website:

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/12/16 17:59:04

    As an aside, if I may just comment on how sad this is. I'm sure your parents are concerned about your health and want you to eat a healthy diet, yet ironically they are doing the total opposite. A vegan diet is the healthiest in the world. They want you to be healthy, yet they are steering you down a path of meat and dairy eating that causes diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, the list goes on. If they were to support your choices, that would eliminate your anxiety and depression around this issue, yet they do the opposite which contributes to depression rather than helps it.

    If parents truly have the best interest of their children in mind, they would be wise to listen to them and further educate themselves when it comes to the issue of veganism.

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    Posted by steveoliverc at 12/13/16 13:50:33

    I'm a parent and this situation sounds very sad to me. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

    I'm in the opposite situation -- my daughter is always yelling at me about what I eat. When I was a meat eater, she was after me. Now that I'm a vegan, she's yelling that I don't eat enough protein or fat.

    But what my daughter (and your parents) have in common is that that they care about us. When I was eating an unhealthy diet, my daughter was right. And now she's concerned but after I explained what I'm eating and where the protein is coming from, she understands.

    So what it sounds like to me is that your parents are worried about your weight loss. Then you said something about eating Oreos. So I'm going to make a guess and it seems to me that perhaps your vegan diet is not the healthiest that it could be. Because you should definitely be able to gain weight and live healthy eating a vegan diet.

    Being on a vegan diet does not guarantee healthy eating. Just cutting out the meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet isn't going to make you healthy if what's left is highly processed foods with oils, sugars, and fats.

    Take a look at your diet and make sure it's balanced. Are you eating a variety of whole plants? Are you minimizing the processed foods you eat? Being careful to avoid added sugar? Maybe if you can make some improvements, you can explain that to your parents and get another chance.

    Also, have you been to your doctor? Maybe there is something else going on here.

    Good luck! And I hope you work it out with your parents.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 12/30/16 16:21:22

    no offence but your parents sound like complete a-holes! You should be allowed to eat vegan if you want! Don`t let narrow minded people dictate to how you live your life!

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