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For most of the year I live in a vegan household; my mother and twin sister are vegan. My dad works abroad and when he comes home he buys disgustingly unhealthy junk food that contains dairy and eggs. He's vegetarian but is very against veganism. I get very emotional when I see animal products around my house and in my fridge because I'm not used to it, but the main reason I think I get upset is because I know that they're so unhealthy, he's quite a bit overweight and it upsets me to know that he keeps abusing his body. I'm not like this with most people but he's my dad and I love him so much. Advice needed!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/18/15 03:21:41


    What are his reasons for being a vegetarian?

    Does he respect your opinion? If so, you may simply need to show him that all the reasons for not eating meat apply to dairy and eggs as well.

    If you're uncomfortable voicing this info to him, you might give him a flyer about dairy and eggs from PCRM or some other good source.

    Another ploy is to remind him how much you love him and that you're concerned about the health implications of dairy and don't want him to die young!

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    Posted by LethalKitten at 02/13/16 03:51:58

    Have you spoken to your mum about this? It might be possible to come to a compromise with your dad about keeping all his lacto-ovo food on one specific shelf in the fridge, or in one particular set cupboard. That way you can limit how much you have to interact with that stuff.

    Just remember that he's only going to change if he wants to- so trying to get him to 'see the light' might not work and would probably end in an argument of some sort. Good luck getting it sorted.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/14/16 04:33:41

    I think that you should respect your dad's decision just because you love him so much. Mine is not veggie, and he eats meat every day but I do not make a big deal about it. His life his decisions, and yes my father is 70 and he is healthy. Being vegan is a lifestyle. He will not die for sure if he eats milk products or eggs.

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