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Hi guys! I have been an ovo-vegetarian for a couple of years and just transitioned to a vegan. I've plugged into several vegan support groups, started listening to vegan podcasts, and will be starting work at a vegan business soon. I still face a lot of judgment, discouragement, and criticism from many people around me, though. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for staying motivated and encouraged as a baby vegan? I feel very strongly and passionately about my decision and know in my heart that it is what I want to do. I just want to figure out how to surround myself with more support. Also, side note: I got my boyfriend to transition too! Yay! Anyway, peace and love--LY808

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    Posted by Empoleon at 01/01/15 12:12:07

    Congrats on transitioning! I'd say maybe join a few online groups/forums (like this one, of course) and possibly local ones if possible (working at a vegan business sounds like a great plan). As far as motivation goes reading articles, watching documentaries and talking to other vegans is a good way to stay on track and keep the 'vegan fire' alive.
    Blessings and good vibes to you, hope all goes well.

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    Posted by Stephen DeVore at 01/03/15 19:24:34

    In the city of Seattle, there are several Veg. groups that meet to talk or eat. Among FRIENDS, there should be no ethical judgments, but in the face of criticism, you can ask them (privately) to respect your choice and not make comments in front of others; when they ask "What about...?" say you talk to your medical practitioners about these large changes to your diet. Find a good list of proteins for you to share with them, as that's usually the #1 question. Don't be preachy, and be happy if someone asks you the silly questions for the umpteenth time! :)

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    Posted by Eliane Gazzard at 01/16/15 11:38:45

    My advice, is to be more confident. No one needs to know what you eat, or how you eat. Humans tend to look for differences in each other, so if someone is ' judging' you, it is because they are looking for a way to relate/ unrelate to you. I learned from my 10 years and going being vegan, that the less it is talked about, the better. When going out with friends, make sure you have snack back ups, or a plan for food somewhere so your diet doesn't become an issue for other people. The biggest thing is to accept and love others no matter what they eat. When I first became vegan, I made other people stop being vegan because i was so rude to others who weren't ' like me'. I realized that people became interested in compassionate eating when I would share my delicious foods that I would make, or have friends over for dinner and cook a first class meal for them. When I stopped judging others, they stopped judging me. i also recommend Louise L Hay for confidence work.

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    Posted by LilithZearott at 01/16/15 13:49:56

    Congratulations for starting your Vegan journey. Just like with anything in life you will always meet that one person every now and then that will judge you for whatever it is you are doing. Even more so when it's about something you care very deeply about. Know that even when you do everything you can to be nice and not judge back they may not do the same. This is human nature but always try to keep your cool. I promise they will think back to you one day and maybe they will change their mind. Even with people you are around more often. I have seen people who I never thought would go Vegan after being around me start to change their mind about it but never try to change people who don't want to change. Having a good group of friends who support you is important. Never stop learning more. Read books and watch documentaries. I'm always learning something new and I won't ever stop learning new things. Learning about food has really helped me. Sometimes you have to make do and learn how to cook something. I found knowing about food really help me starting out. I was very young when I became Vegan so learning to cook was a life saver and I'm still learning. Lastly, don't get down on yourself if you ever make a mistake or think you failed. No one is perfect. You just have to always do the best you can. I know you can do it. This journey can be very rewording and educational if you let it be. Best Wishes.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 16:12:47

    You've made such a great decision! Follow your heart! I'm transitioning to a plant based diet and it is the best decision I have ever made. My health has improved - no more joint pain, no more breathlessness, my skin is glowing and weird thing my bottom eyelashes grew! People thought I was crazy but when they saw the benefits and the tasty food I ate my family started to try it too! Staying positive is key when you feel good people will want to join you or are more interested in what you are doing. If your on instagram I've got all my pics of my recipes at @mygreendiaries (Harmeet) for some inspiration.

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