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Amy Sedaris / "The Closer" / Claire Howard

I am a fan of Amy Sedaris!

Did you see Amy playing a wacky vegan last night on TNT's "The Closer"?

I wonder what the scriptwriters were thinking about when they wrote last nights episode!

Is there a "Claire" amongst us here?

Myself I am extremely sensible / not 1% wacky!
. - excerpt -

+ We've seen clips of Sedaris playing Claire, a typically off-kilter vegan psychic (or as she prefers to call it, "intuitionist") and it's pretty sweet. +
. - excerpt -

+ Sedaris won't be doing any crafts in her guest-star role on TNT's "The Closer" on Monday. She plays Claire Howard, the wacky future sister-in-law of Kyra Sedgwick's Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson.

Claire's also a vegan, as you can see in the clip above, who prepares unappetizing feast of sprout salad, vegetarian chicken pot pie, tofurkey and, for dessert, carob and walnut soufflé for Brenda and her fiancé, FBI Agent Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney).

Sedaris says you'll never find those kinds of dishes on her party platters.

"If I had to entertain anyone who ate vegan or vegetarian, usually I'd say go ahead and eat before you come over," she said. "I'm not skilled at it." +
Amy & Peta -

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