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I'm 'sticking my toes in the water' here as I'm only just starting on the veggie trail.

Why? - I wish I could tell you that its for moral reasons but it isn't!

The truth is that as I get older I'm concentrating more and more on my health and I feel I would like to get back to a more natural diet. Is a meat free diet natural? I really don't know but Im willing to give it a go.

So my reason for being here is to look for recipe ideas that are healthy and nutritious.

Well here goes .......................

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/01/13 05:20:09

    I became a vegetarian originally for health reasons in 1975. At the time I was living with a wonderful woman and an equally wonderful dog, Jacob.
    I'd always loved animals, but had never transferred this concern to my diet. Living with Jacob for fourteen years I became truly aware of the feelings of the other animals. I actually wrote a book about him, but it has not yet been published. He did inspire me to begin reading voraciously (now over 1,500 books) and I quickly became aware of the other reasons moving toward the vegan diet. If you're into reading, I offer a very extensive suggested reading list at my "Thinkin' Folks Books" website: //

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