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Last December my mom was looking up gingerbread houses on the computer, and she was showing me all these pictures of some extravagant houses, and we came across this site: .

It's a Festival of Lights, and my mom was so excited, she plans on driving us over there this December to go see it.

While this is some time away, I figure it can't be too soon to figure out of there are any places nearby that would be friendly for me. I'm the only veggie in my family.
The town is Wheeling, WV (of course) and there isn't many West Virginia listings on HC, nor any towns near Wheeling (or so I think), so I'm asking here if anyone knows anything. ^-^

And this is ten months away, things may change. But I think it would be good to get a rough idea of whether I'm going to live on fruit and frozen faux-meats (assuming we'll have a microwave! Or a stove, but I doubt both) for a few days, or if I could eat at restaurants.

And places like Denny's or..., well, I don't know, any place that has veg*n choices. Doesn't have to be only veg*n.

Thank you. ^_^

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