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sooo....I've been looking to do some traveling and volunteer work, but I haven't been vegan all that long, so the traveling thing is still looking a little scary. I'm rather uncertain about showing up in a country where I don't speak the language, and I don't know if I'll be able to find vegan foods readily. I'm likely looking to travel to a third world country, so this could mean that the foods I would normally find at health food stores might be scarce. I had found a tour group I had wanted to go with, but when I asked them about traveling as a vegan, I got a pretty awful, almost mocking response, and I don't know if I want to keep trying to travel with that company or not.

Some questions:
Does anyone know any veg-friendly international volunteer organizations? (I would really love to travel with a group of people, especially if they were all cool and veggie-like)
Has anyone had any expereinces volunteering internationally while eating veg or vegan that they'd like to share? Any advice on this one about do's and don'ts?
Can you bring food on planes anymore (like if I wanted to stash a bunch o' tofu and soymilk)? Even in your luggage???

Thanks a bunch,
the Mendicant Crow

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/16/08 02:48:21

    Vegan animal sanctuary / animal welfare group - based in Chennai - South India - highly recommended - I work with them remotely / via the Internet - ask me any questions -

    Grammatically perfect English is the norm in Chennai!

    As soon as you land there you would be with vegans.

    Lots of opportunities for music / dance / theatre nearby at Kalaksetra -

    Food is no problem to carry on to flights - drinks are tricky - the containers usually have to be tiny - less than 100ml.

    There are no restrictions for food packed in check-in luggage - a whole suitcase can be loaded with treats - it will not be a problem.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/16/08 17:22:16

    Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist orphanage - superbly run - certainly not 1% an "adoption shop" - ovo-veggy - you can say 95% plant based diet - details in this thread -

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    Posted by mendicant_crow at 12/18/08 21:31:41

    Thanks so much! I will check these out, and post any further questions I might have.

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    Posted by auungbong at 12/19/08 10:23:52

    When I went to Armenia last year (2nd world country) it was hard to find soy milk etc etc.... but most of the people live off what the land has to offer them. Habitat for humanity is a great org too; thats where I interacted with last summer. So even though there were no "burgerS" or "tempeh" there was so much fruit,nuts, and veggies and bread etc etc that I was satisfied.

    good luck

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/27/08 20:03:14

    For China / Viet Nam take a look at -

    Most of the team are veggies.

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    Posted by Sky at 01/07/09 08:44:17

    I live in northern Thailand. We are establishing and eco friendly B&B and a reservation service. Also, we have some organic farming going on, and am interested in recruiting veggie/eco minded travellers to do some work in exchange for free lodging... in a beautiful, peaceful Thai village...

    also... just up the highway at the Burmese border is the Daughter's of Thailand school (; they need volunteers to help in many capacities at the school. They help stop the trafficking and prostitution of children and women from the entire Golden Triangle area including Laos, China, Burma, and Thailand. A very good place that helps many.

    Serious inquiries email me at no spam please.

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    Posted by Behe at 09/22/09 08:14:42

    You'll find that a lot of India is vegetarian anyway so shouldn't have too much difficulty - just choose your locations wisely. If you do want to volunteer there than this site may be worth a look dependant on what type of work you want to do..
    this is a teaching project in Kerala, southern India where there is a lot of vegetarianism
    Good luck with your search and just make sure you do your research into the country/area where you are headed- happy travel!!

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    Posted by vla at 03/19/11 00:29:30

    Volunteer Latin America offer some veg-friendly projects

    For Thailand you might also want to check out:

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    Posted by vla at 03/19/11 00:37:24

    The VLA web address is

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