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Iam interested in finding if there are any small towns or even small cities in the usa that are vegetarian friendly.I find it so hard to travel let alone live in places that do not have access to healthy food choices.Not interested in commume living.Any feedback is appreciated.Thankx

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    Posted by lentil at 01/07/09 16:51:18

    Hi, I am only familiar with parts of the southeast. Thus I suggest Asheville NC as an excellent place to stop & eat. Asheville is a vegetarian & vegan paradise!!! It's a pretty town too. Small population around 80,000.
    I also find Chattanooga TN to be quite moderately veg friendly. Chattanooga is more of a small city(population 150,000) There are some great vegetarian friendly restaurants. However there is only one Vegan restaurant & it is only open for lunch.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 03/01/09 00:57:06


    I have a lot of suggestions but it would be helpful if you could tell us more about what you are looking for exactly. For example, what do you consider to be a "small" town or city. Portland is almost certainly the most veg friendly place around and isn't huge. Like lentil, I'd suggest Asheville as an excellent option and is my personal favorite city/town in the eastern usa. You might also find this list helpful:

    America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Large Cities
    1. Portland, Oregon
    2. Seattle, Washington
    3. San Francisco, California
    4. New York, New York
    5. Atlanta, Georgia
    6. Washington, D.C.
    7. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    8. Austin, Texas
    9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    10. Chicago, Illinois

    America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small Cities
    1. Asheville, North Carolina
    2. Eugene, Oregon
    3. Salt Lake City, Utah
    4. Norfolk, Virginia
    5. Santa Monica, California
    6. Santa Cruz, California
    7. Boulder, Colorado
    8. Madison, Wisconsin
    9. Athens, Georgia
    10. Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Canada's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Cities
    1. Vancouver, British Columbia
    2. Victoria, British Columbia
    3. Toronto, Ontario
    4. Montréal, Québec
    5. Calgary, Alberta
    6. Ottawa, Ontario

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    Posted by Tom at 09/17/09 12:41:29

    Portland, Maine is an extremely veg-friendly smaller city. Their are at least 3 completely veg restaurants and dozens of others with tons of veg options. They also have a thriving veg festival every year, and now have a veg journalist doing a natural food column regularly in the local paper. 2 hours north of Boston.

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